Great Bend (sneaking robot?)

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  1. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    A long time ago I did play tactics and during the Great Bend mission (wipe all robots) I have the distinct memory that I found a “sneaking robot” on the SE junk yard. And after killing that one I did not had to kill the “pacification robot” which could then be salvaged for study and General Dekker would give me a positive debriefing. When I killed it, the debriefing would always be slightly reprimanding “you should have left some intact” etc..
    (Note: I don't mean talking to the inhabitants for information, but in addition to that, a debriefing that specifically mentions that “the robot had been retrieved and scientists taking it apart”.)

    However, when I tried to reproduce it, years later, I never had that happen again (couldn't detect the sneaking robot). And killing the trapped pacification bot appeared to be mandatory to end the mission. It may be possible, though, that I played that first time without the patch (vanilla) and later with the official patch. But I never found the time to actually test it (playing all the way to Great Bend just to check).

    Has anyone experienced the same? Or any knowledge about this? I checked on Nukapedia but it doesn't mentioning anything about an alternative to killing the pacification bot (patched out or not).

    Did I imagine this, or was that “sneaking robot” in the game once?
  2. Beardy Unixer

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    Apr 24, 2018
    I think your memory is just fuzzy.

    You get a bollocking and told you should have left something intact if you destroy the mutants labs in Jefferson. If you don't destroy it, it gets taken back to base and studied, and you get a positive debriefing.
    . I recall no such thing for the robots.
  3. Muttie

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    Oct 9, 2017
    It's possible that I my memory is fuzzy :), but I did not mix it up with Jefferson. I can still tell mutants from robots apart, sonny! :)

    The problem is I remember it very distinctly. And each and every time after that I always had this memory of "try to keep that pacification robot intact”, but of cause the mission can't be ended that way.

    Nevermind, I just thought someone may have known about this (patch/unpatched content), or knows about an unused debriefing text-file somewhere. Perhaps I bugged the game out, or I reloaded too often back when it happened and messed up the causality of my memory.

    Guess I have to install it again one day, don't patch it and see what happens. Well, but not in the foreseeable future...