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    The GURPS system allows for a wide range of different roleplaying opportunities. You can be an illegal space smuggler in a ship outfitted with FTL technology, or a caveman struggling to make his first fire. Players of this game will experience neither of those. Instead, they will be plunged into the depths of a world scorched by extreme drought, nuclear fallout, and, above all, human greed.

    Using Roll 20, a powerful tool used to play tabletop games over the Internet easily, I will (attempt) to host a Fallout game using GURPS 4e. This is no easy task, and it's very much a WIP, however I have enough planned to go for a couple sessions.

    The World

    The year is 2285, 4 years after the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Following involvement by the Courier, the New California Republic (NCR) has gained the strength to face Caesar's Legion in their homeland: the Pre-War state of Arizona. Through a series of extremely successful campaigns, the NCR was able to push Ceasar's Legion as far back as western Arizona, successfully wringing control of Neo Pheonix, a fast-developing trade center. The Legion only holds a few areas, used for farming, in Arizona. They've made a retreat for New Mexico, which will no doubt be the next stage in the NCR's grand war campaign.

    However, due to the speed of the NCR campaign, Arizona is only held by threads, with Neo Pheonix being the hub for NCR's military ventures. Civil unrest still exists within the borders of NCR influence with pockets of Legion supporters, Raiders, and worse. Despite these facts NCR cartographers are quick to draft new maps showing the NCR's impressive hold on the state.

    You, right now, have no interest in the affairs of either the NCR or the Legion. You live in the small town of Sun Rise, in the north-western portion of Arizona near the now-polluted Little Colorado river. This is no ordinary town, however. No, the town of Sun Rise is founded around a powerful, pre-war artifact. The artifact is referred by residents as the Vehicle, and it is partly responsible for the livelihood of the town. A Chryslus Highwayman, this vehicle was driven to the site of Sun Rise following the opening of Vault 37 almost 200 years ago. The man who traveled such a distance is lost in history, and also lost is how he came upon the Vehicle, and what made him travel so far from those rebuilding Pheonix. The Vehicle holds great importance for the members of this community, and surprisingly, human greed has yet to rob them of their treasure.


    The game will use the GURPS system, or Generic Universal Roleplaying System. The system is relatively easy for players to pick up, which is why I chose it, while including a comprehensive set of rules for all situations imaginable. If D&D was a video game, GURPS would be a video game engine.

    Attached is the free GURPS Lite, a blank Character Sheet, and fanmade GURPS Fallout sourcebook, from which I will use as inspiration.

    GURPS Lite will introduce you to the idea of GURPS, basic rules and concepts, and a slimmed down character creation section. The Character Sheet will help you with what you need.

    The fanmade GURPS Fallout is a compilation of Fallout lore, Fallout equipment/items, applicable GURPS rules, and even includes a sample adventure should you want to run your own game.


    This is not an adventure, this is a campaign. An adventure is a quest, while a campaign is a series of quests with an overarching storyline. So if you're interested in participating, know that this is over the course of the summer, however, should I disappear or a break be scheduled know that it will be picked up ASAP.

    Interested in playing? Great! Voice your participation in this thread, as well as what kind of character you're playing as a guideline for others. I will only accept four players, since I am very new to this. Do not expect a fast, fluid, and detailed game until a flow is established. Remember: I have no idea who you are!

    Requirements for playing:
    • A microphone
    • Patience
    • A desire to roleplay.

    That's about it! Make sure you roleplay most of all. But not too much. Remember this also: it's just a game. While I am making a stretch for realism by playing a PnP game, this is not a hardcore experience.

    Now that is out of the way, time for the specifics of character creation.

    The guidelines:

    • 100 Character Points
    • 60-point Disadvantage Limit (you cannot take no more than 60 points in disadvantages!)
    • 14 Level Limit (your attributes, skills, etc. cannot exceed 14. this is for balance)
    • No supernatural- or exotic-level advantages, disadvantage, or skills unless you come up with a clever reason.
    • Ideas for starting equipment based on skills and such.
    The Village of Sun Rise is Tech Level 4, with the global Tech Level being around 5. Note this on your character sheet, but it is not a disadvantage! Details will be revealed in play. For learning skills, assume it's TL 6, unless it's Beam Weapons (at TL9). If you're going for computer skills, TL 7 categorizes it best. Pre-War medical techniques require TL9 skills to operate the Pre-War equipment, however a TL6-8 medical skill will work fine for a majority of operations. Feel free to learn skills at higher TLs, but fear the skill penalties for doing so.

    However, I think the best course of action is to have a general Wasteland Tech Level (Blablabla Skill/W) and a general Pre-War Tech Level (Blablabla Skill/PW) that will encompass everything within those two parameters. Voice your opinions in this thread.

    If you have any questions, please shoot me a PM.
    Slots are filled at a first come, first served basis, though there are exceptions!
    You are responsible for a finished character by Friday, 20th of May. A date in which we will play will be established in this OP.

    GURPS Fallout

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    Elaxter This game costs $110.

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    In spite of the incredibly slow speed in freedback, I have opened a new thread over at BareMettle Forums. You can find it here

    What does this mean? That means you have a chance in playing with someone from BM Forums. If someone signs up there, I'll post here on their behalf, and vice versa. The thread title will be updated.
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    Thank you for showing me Roll20, I posted a link post to /r/worldbuilding