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  1. Morgan_

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    Jul 3, 2020

    Art direction feels like reach and 3 mixed together so far. There's a new Warthog variant called the "Razorback". It has no chain gun and allows for weapon storage.

    Match updates about who has the flag and such will be delivered by personal ai that have customizable voices.

    "Millions of customization options from day 1." This extends to weapons and vehicles. You'll also be able to do this through the Waypoint and an app.
    upload_2021-6-14_13-31-15.png upload_2021-6-14_13-31-59.png upload_2021-6-14_13-32-26.png upload_2021-6-14_13-33-53.png

    This last pic is concerning for me. Gonna pay for hose millions of customization options possibly.

    "Choose prosthetics for the first time."
    Iirc, you could choose Kat's arm in multiplayer in reach. maybe not though.

    The Halo Battlepass never expires once it's purchased. "In future seasons you can purchase old pass', or the current pass and choose which one you put your progression towards."
    Battlepass items can't be purchased via online store front.
    "a lot of our stuff is unlocked through playing the game and only through playing the game."
    "customizations are only cosmetic."

    Seasons will introduce new themes, customizations, etc. Kinda like Fortnite I imagine.
    Example of an "event unlock" armor earned through gameplay. Unsure if battlepass purchase is need (probably):

    There will be an "academy" for practicing the game outside of multiplayer matches that will have tutorials, etc. Seems like Firefight with some additions in a way.

    upload_2021-6-14_13-49-34.png upload_2021-6-14_13-50-2.png upload_2021-6-14_13-50-39.png upload_2021-6-14_13-51-11.png
  2. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    The real question is, will Master Chief bang Cortana?
  3. Morgan_

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    Jul 3, 2020
    We got that ages ago. More than a few times, unofficially. :lalala:
  4. JunjiItosGio

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    Oct 29, 2020
    I'm so unimaginably excited for this game man.
  5. Millim

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    Oct 13, 2010
    I'm hoping bit turns out good. But the last Halo game that did anything for me was Halo 3, and that was mostly down to me being 13 and enjoying the crap out of the multiplayer.

    It feels weird that was officially half my life ago.
    Like I've spent half my life knowing that Halo 3 exists and having fun memories of playing the online.

    Sorry guys, having an existential crisis right now.
  6. Morgan_

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    Jul 3, 2020
    Lmao. Same here. although my last great Halo was reach. Forge world was my jam. Back in the day I played the original Halo both by myself and with my dad so it was also first co-op experience. I was 7. Hopefully they do good with this Halo. Seem like 3 a nd Reach are the two that are being pulled from the hardest so far.
    Speaking of comebacks they should make another Timesplitters.
  7. Millim

    Millim Half-way Through My Half-life

    Oct 13, 2010
    Yeah, me and my older brother used to play halo all the time back in the day.
    Halo 3 was great however, I remember the custom games like Fatboy or the weird custom maps People made. There was one which was kind of like a trial, full of traps and stuff. And at some point I managed to get my hands on some modded maps.

    Halo 3 was a crazy experience which no other online game managed to fullfil. Even Reach didn't have the same kind of crazy Experimental community that 3 had. I remember it was that and Modern Warfare which had the big conflicts, and honestly, Modern Warfare was too conservative in design to be anywhere near to the kind of out there fun Halo 3 was.

    Even the campaign was crazy in that.
    I got some friends who play Halo now on PC, so I may go with XBox this time around just to play with them.