Has anyone else killed Caesar yet? With their own gun?

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  1. Jet1337

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    Aug 27, 2009
    I could own his sorry ass without breaking a sweat if I wanted to. I'm in Remnants armor with Mercy with incendiary grenades on that thing. I'll get around to it one of these days. xD
  2. ramessesjones

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    Oct 27, 2010
    If you can stealth kill the gate guard that takes your stuff you can leave and come back and you'll keep your gear. I was able to stealth kill him by using a stealth boy, stealing one of this spears and throwing it at him, getting a sneak critical killing him in one hit.

    From there I was able to set up 7 C-4 charges in Ceasar's tent and kill everyone at once. Got a slow motion of Caesar flying up out of the tent all the way across the river. I found part of his leg to take his stuff, but never found the rest of his body and never even found a part of Vulpes.
  3. Rev. Layle

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    Jul 26, 2005
    I killed him in a more direct fashion. I had the mark from the strip, but went to finish the quest where you save a few captives from Nipton. I ended up sniping the Legion soldiers there before freeing everyone. By the time I got to the river, they all hated me... so back on the mountain with a sniper rifle and about 30 minutes of my time. When I got to the fort the battle was a bit more direct (as I was looking for the console to use the platinum chip to upgrade the Securitons). However, inside Caesar's tent, it was, a wee more challenging, so I ran back outside, stealth boy-ed (as the personal guards chased out after me), and just hid and sneak attacked everyone (re-applying stealth boys as needed, as I had about a half dozen on me). When I went back into the tent, it was just me, ED-E and Veronica vs. Caesar... which didn't take long.

    Afterwards, I freed Benny and took a dog brain for another quest most of you may already know about :).
  4. NurglingSlayer

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    Nov 20, 2010
    I also went with a C-4 bomb plot to take caesar out, having 50 sneak skill boosts most handheld explosives to holdout status, allowing you to sneak them into the camp. I wasn't nearly able to take the whole tent out with even 7 charges though, but my explosives skill was mediocre and I was also playing on very hard difficulty so that probably changes things.

    I ended up just placing said explosives at the foot of Caesar's throne (I needed 4 charges to kill him in one hit, strolled over to the tent exit, detonated charges, triggered my stealthboy, clicked the tent exit and crouch-ran as fast as my legs could carry me outta there. I used 3 stealthboys on the way out of the Fort and another one when I spawned at the pier in Cottonwood (it'll automatically fade when you get there), though I think I could've cut it down by one.

    Cons: I didn't get to see the look on Caesar's face just before I sent him to his maker, or loot his tent for trophies.

    Pros: Much more realistic from a roleplaying perspective than two lone, run-of-the-mill guys and their trusty eyebot companion slogging their way through the heart of the strongest faction in the game.

    Oh and my charecter was at about level 18 at the time, but I tihnk another advantage here is you could probably pull it off at any reasonable level with a bit of luck.
  5. SharkClub

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    Dec 6, 2008
  6. ramessesjones

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    Oct 27, 2010
    I had close to 100 explosives skill, 3 ranks of demolition expert, and was playing on normal when I blew up everyone in the tent.

    Is the Vulpes bug on PS3? The wiki lists it as xbox only. I figured he was just flying to the moon like Caesar. I actually had to blow them up like 5 times before I found any part of Caesar to loot. It was sort of fun doing it over and over again.
  7. Alphadrop

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    Aug 21, 2008
    Got about 12 C-4 packets that are taking up my space, time to use them on something productive like blowing up a certain balding twonk.
  8. SharkClub

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    Dec 6, 2008
    So, on my Unarmed playthrough I'm doing right now, I just killed Caesar at about level 13. 8-)

    I had my Spiked Knuckles with me when I went to his tent (also, before I did all this I learned the special CL punch with my 50 Unarmed). Because you aren't allowed drugs or stimpaks with you when you go to The Fort, it was a lot harder. I ate some strength-enhancing Brahmin Steak, read a copy of Boxing Times and a True Police Stories magazine and then VATS'd the guard at the door (when you enter Caesar's tent).

    Then I quickly grabbed his Ballistic Fist and was running around in circles with 7 people (including Caesar) behind me while I was punching them for about 3 minutes. :)

    I drank like 20 bottles of Purified Water all at once to ensure my health would climb back up, and when I finally killed them I looted all their stuff and went and destroyed the rest of the camp.

    The Caesar fight was really hard though, took me about 15 reloads and a somewhat well-planned strategy (trying to kill Caesar first-off is a death-trap).

    Also, this was on Normal difficulty, don't take me for a guy who plays on "Very Easy".
  9. whirlingdervish

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    Jul 3, 2007
    I accidentally walked into caesars tent while cleaning out the fort and somehow survived the ordeal.

    Shortly after I left the Tops and had all of my "evil" deeds against the legion wiped out, I headed over to meet the guy by the boats at cottonwood cove (which I wiped out days earlier in a fit of anti-legion drunkeness)

    While I stood at the overlook, staring down at the lonely guy on the dock in the middle of the ravaged camp I decided that I was really done with diplomacy after the 30th time some legion raiding parties had attacked me unprovoked, forcing me to hurt my rep by blowing their heads off.

    I sniped his head clean off and had to go for a swim to search his body, then I took the boat and Boone and proceeded to cross over to the fort, and kill everyone in sight other than the legion kids and slaves.

    Boone was fairly untouchable in ranger armor using the antimaterial rifle and pushy. I wore combat armor mk2 and a ranger helmet and ate a cocktail of med-x, psycho, slasher and steady every minute or so while we breezed thru most everyone in camp but the little building full of praetorians where you can put the chip in the console.

    After 1 reload from a hard save and wiping them across the floor, I started poking around for the rest of the enemy, not realizing I'd walked right past caesars tent earlier. I ended up doubling back, going to check the tent that I thought was empty for loot, and unexpectedly being face to face with his crazy gaurds while I got slapped around the tent with ballistic fists.

    About a minute later, I'd eaten 25 stimpaks, 2 super stims, fired a good 300 rounds of 10mm into everyone's faces at point blank range and even resorted to close range sniping a couple of guys with .JSP.

    I think the stream of bullets I was pestering them with kept them off of Boone and chasing me just long enough that he survived the fight. Somewhere in there he switched out to the Chainsaw as well, making the whole scene kind of impressive in a cinematic sense.

    all told, it was a pretty tough fight inside that tiny tent and even more fun because I walked into it blindly.