help I am stuck in a Loop in Mega Mod!

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    Sep 10, 2009
    SO I went to the BOS.
    Did the siege run and delivered the holodisk for them.
    I come back after doing both the siege run and the holodisk in one go ( after all the BOS lab is almost on the way and have a car so am much faster)..

    I comne back they greet me the siren starts but no monsters ( I know about the mosters from install on otehr computer months ago)

    I go inside but Genral barton eitehr wont talk to me or it is a one line exhange whre all I cna say "go on" after he says "I heard a lot about you".
    So I wa sunable to give him the systolic widget.
    as i leave the major spekas about the vicotyr n battle yada as if the fight against the mosnetrs had just (abut it didint or if it did I was inside while it happend..)

    And he sends me back inside ot "speak ot gen barton" with no option of getting control of my charcter or going anywhere but isnide it is automatic.

    once inside i try to speak to gen barton and eiher he wont tlak to me or it is a one line exchange w/o me givng him the thing.
    when i try to get out the same repeats i am forced back in after majors vicotry speech to the unwitnessed battle.

    etc etc.

    Any thinghts?