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    Oct 12, 2016
    Fallout Tactics is the only game in the series that I have where I have yet to get anywhere or even know how to begin. Sure I've played Fallout 1, 2, 3, and New Vegas, but Tactics seems to be the most complex game in the series since it is more on strategy and tactics and relying on squadmates, some of whom are of different races from what I have read on the fallout wikia. I have completed the tutorials, but I have no idea how to create a character to get me through the game. I couldn't even get very far in the first mission!

    How should I set my stats for specific builds? What are the best and worst traits? What skills should I tag? How do I build and use a good squad? What are the top weapons in the combat skills? What are some good strategies to get through a mission?
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    Nov 20, 2017
    The best weapons are:

    1. heavy weapons: minigun gauss

    2. small guns gauss rifle weapons: yk28 energy rifle

    4. Disarmed: power fist

    the best person according to me is the melee as it can go into a fight and kill everyone just choose small and beast as perks put unarmed and stealth
    and the other skill you put it as you like and ready remember that the melee is very dangerous when you start to face super mutants since they could annihilate you in a few seconds for big weapons

    anyway the other character would be the small guns or the heavy guns but the best would be energy guns but it is not until the end of the game that you start using energy weapons, whereas the small guns is good at the beginning of the game. if when you get to the fight against the super mutants will stay. Not very good to get the fn fal instead the heavy gun serves throughout the game but it is just after the fight against the super mutants that you start to get big guns you could only get the rocket launcher in the beginning but it is not very useful due to the Ammunition but it is not until the fight against the super mutants that it becomes useful and when you get to have the Sierra your main weapon will become until you get the m2 browing that makes it your main weapon.

    The most important thing to keep in mind would be to put the first recruits that you give to the sniper increase survival up to 100% as this will avoid all random encounters and the doctor put completely barter up to 200% and the skills of medical and first aid increases with books and magazines. What you have to keep in mind is that you never let them die to those 2 others do not matter.

    A council always keeps the game in multiple kept one in the bunker about to start the mission another at the beginning of the mission and two others plus one while you play the mission and the other when you are at an important point (as about to start a shooting).
    If you do this, you will avoid problems of errors.

    Tips when you fight:

    1 Always be careful when you go to a shooting since you could take one of the enemies from the rear and kill you.

    2. Always try to frangise them with the sigils never with one without stealth.

    3. Always keep in mind the action points wait a moment until it is completely regenerated before entering a shootout.

    4. Never enter a closed area if you have the feeling that someone is there. Since you could end up with you always use a character with high stealth.

    5. To attack things like traps press ctrl + secondary button
    This is very useful with the grenades since you simply throw them near where a hidden enemy is.

    6. always keep things you do not use as ammunition, clothing, weapons, always keep them in the vehicles since they could be useful later, either to use them or sell them to buy better things, the best time to sell is when a character has barter high enough to get a lot of money. So much that you will not need until extreme moments.

    7. always use the appropriate weapons against different objectives for example
    deadly claws are weak to fire, robots are weak to electricity, among other things

    8. Be very careful with explosive traps and door traps. Use the trap skill in a door to verify that there is one, never try to disarm them without high skill in traps.

    9. always attack with all the squadron will be much more effective so one, only in different situations not in all since some will require different ways

    10. always use different tactics

    This is all good luck :)
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    Goyito366 First time out of the vault

    Nov 20, 2017
    One last thing I recommend fallout tactics redux mod since it makes the game extremely funny since the tactics becomes extremely necessary since the original fallout tactics is for nothing a game where it requires very little tactics I recommend it you will fallout tactics a real game of tactics you can get in moddb

    that if I first tell you that if you install it you must start a new game so if you already have one I recommend you finish it so you will also see the difference between normal and mod
  4. DwayneGAnd

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    Oct 12, 2016
    I've checked the Fallout wikia site for which Fallout Tactics weapons I will use for each of my builds. And I have made the following choices:

    Small Guns

    Gauss Pistol
    Gauss Pistol
    Fn Fal
    Desert Eagle
    H&K CAWS
    Pancor Jackhammer

    Energy Weapons

    Pulse Pistol
    Pulse Rifle
    Pulse Rifle Prototype
    Gatling Laser

    Big Guns

    Vindicator Minigun
    Gauss Minigun
    Browning M2

    The Desert Eagle and Browning M2 were chosen because of their ability to chamber high penetration ammo. Pancor Jackhammer is good for fast shot builds using Small Guns. The CAWS is better for aimed shots.
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    DwayneGAnd Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Oct 12, 2016
    Earlier today I started out as a small guns user and managed to beat the first mission. But I quit afterwards because I didn't feel like I had created my character right and that I did have some difficulties with the mission. Maybe I should hold off on playing this game for now until I learn more about how to play like a pro.
  6. Goyito366

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    Nov 20, 2017
    No matter how you play, Fallout Tactics is pretty easy anyway, it does not have much science just move and shoot if you need more experience creating characters you can play Fallout 1 and Fallout 2 and you will learn better
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    Jul 15, 2017
    You got some false info, and even suffer for lacking some.

    #1 The first/first couple of mission sux, period. Your chance to hit will be really low.
    Assuming you play on normal, during mission 2-3 you should gain enough points to rise your Small Guns enough (if you have a decent, meaning 6+ Perception) to be able to burst with AK-47 with 2-3 members in group effectively (more will hit each other).
    When thatstrategy does not work you'll have to rely one of these methods:
    - close combat double barrel shotgun. Preferably backed with other members
    - far reach (ca 30% hit chance shot) Hunting Rifle use
    - unarmed melee.

    The "funny" thing is, during early missions a tagged unarmed skill can help a ton. Given that the same math is used for hit-chance with melee, simply tagging the skill for the protagonist gives a very good chance to hit (80% maybe),what is HUGH compared what youcando inranged.

    #2 most people go and get certain/all beneficial Special Encounters right after Mission 1. For god reason: free outdoorsman books, free advanced weaponry (don't think too high: an FN-Fal or two is the best you can grab) and armors.

    #3 perks depend on team, and wether you play turn based or CTB. I assume you play CTB. For that get less AP per shot skills, consider extra HP per level, resistances, also take extra damage if you can. Add statrise to members if they are lacking it to grab the required skills.

    #4 best weapons are big guns, but you can't use them all the times because of supply and burst mode.
    The very best weapon might be Gauss Minigun, but there are like 2 clips worth of ammo for it in the entire game, so forget that.
    The real best weapon is Browning. But you won't get infinite ammo, and you really have to avoid bursting your own team, so 2 Big Gun member per party, period.
    The second best weapons are Laser Rifles. Make 4 (in special case 3) member use them. They are the Very Far Distance Weapon of Choice.
    Depending on your team you might getaway with the 6th member specializing in extrem stuff, and lacking points for advanced weaponry (aka. energy weapons ->laser rifle). In this case this member will be extrem melee specialist, grenade thrower (most party have 1 member have this as secondary skill), and Small Guns (using 10 mm grenade launcher).You should avoid this Experimental Character Addition for your game.

    #5 don't invest into charisma. Don't get any bonus skill points perk.

    #6 if you get stuck, just make a member or two swallow 2 dose of psycho. Aside Extrem Bad Luck that makes them practicaly invulnerable. But that really makes the game boring as crap.
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    Nov 20, 2017

    I always put charisma in 1 with gifted 2 which is the limit since it is useless only for barter and game for that are the other members of the peloton, an easy way to obtain fn fal is to steal it from the merchant of the special meeting, nor is requires a great team I have finished fallout tactics with all the finals only with only one member of the team although it is more difficult since the effectiveness is reduced a lot, a high intelligence can do that apart. Many have the error that it is much better to have all the members of the peloton with energy weapons due to the behemoth that hover near the end of the game but that is false since the small arms characters do a great job with jackhammer shotguns with EMP bullets and the gauss rifle attacking on the sensors