Fallout 2 mod Help required In configuring Fo1.5 :Resurrection

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    As thread says.

    Actually I'm doing it on my Android phone.
    I'm using ExaGear Windows Emulator (wine 3.0 on top of eltechs's exagear technology)
    already installed directx-end-user-runtime-jun-2010, then entered winecfg and added overrides for libraries d3d8 (builtin),d3d9 (builtin), d3d9dim (native), d3d9drm (native), d3dx8 (native), d3dx9 (native) and all d3dx9 from 24 to 43 all native plus ddraw.

    The game speed is not a problem intro movies play correctly and at full speed. the problem is that i get loading slides from fallout 2 and menu wallpaper from fallout 2 instead of the Resurrection ones which means fores.dat doesn't overwrite fallout2 master.dat. the game uses both high resolution pach *and* sfall. and at least sfall is confirmed to work since sfall version is displayed in lower right corner of main menu.

    I'm using Samsung's A70 with 2d render forced on the gpu in developer options hardware wise to pull this stunt off.

    Any tips on how to proceed?


    as far as i can tell High res mod isn't working. hi res for ressurection has been tweaked a bit it seemes. judging by the .ini it is sepose to load fores.dat just after master.dat but id diesn't load it, additionally resolution is still 640x480 so i guess it still doesn't work.

    so my edited question what .dll's does f2res.dll depend on so that i can include them in winecfg and be done with the damn configuration?
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    4.0.8's f2_res.dll depends on D3DX9_31.dll.
  3. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I actually use 4.1.8 since I've manually updated the .dll

    Anyways I've got it working.

    thing is resolution has to be set the same in both f2_res.ini and ddraw.ini and all dx9 libraries must be *both* native *and* builtin ddraw and f2res as well. additionally f2_res.ini must be set to use dx9 not dx7 as suggested by wine tutorial dx7 will not work on exagear wine build since there are no dx7 libraries there ( neigther dxwebsetup.exe nor dx-end-user-runtime-jun-2010 seem to have it). if some of them are set to native only HRP refuses to work if ddraw is set to native or builtin only it does not want to work eigther. it all has to be set to "native then builtin".

    as to what I've managed to pull off is true here's a proof:


    Also if anyone is interested in exact steps in order to run Fo 1,5: Resurrection, or any other classic fallout game for that matter, with latest Sfall *and* latest High Resolution Patch on ExaGear Windows emulator (on Android), with additional tips on how to improove efficiency in settings to squeeze out as much as you can from your handheld, then let me know and I'll explain.
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