Here's a Fallout game I've been coming up with.

Discussion in 'Future Fallout Game Discussion' started by Ugly Kid, May 25, 2020.

  1. Ugly Kid

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    May 9, 2018
    This is the google doc where I occasionally sit down and write. I've been trying to come up with Fallout games since I was 11, 3 of them were really bad (Fallout Alberta)(Fallout Nova Scotia)(Fallout Wild West), and this one's not good either, but it's better.

    I would love to hear criticism, suggestions, comments, ect. And I encourage more people to do this.
    (Also, I just saw the Fallout Texas idea that was posted before this, sorry if it seems like I copied them, I haven't actually read their post.)
  2. TheodoreRoosevelt

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    Nov 21, 2020
    i did a similar thing when i was 11 though it was a Microsoft Word document not a google doc. Some of the features that i wanted too see when i was 11 in a modern fallout game came true in Fallout 4. lmao. The only thing that didn't was the location. Which i set it in New York state though i probably meant New York City which i was 11 so i probably didn't know the difference between New York State and New York City.

    Edit: i also remember i think me emailing my ideas to Bethesda. (never got an actual response) at least i don't think so. i lost access to that email address i was using so i guess we'll never know if i got a response. Either that or i emailed Sony/PlayStation about a Fallout game idea, and they forwarded it i think to Bethesda? It may have not been an email as well but a messaging service or something that i could send game ideas too Sony/PlayStation i don't recall how i messaged them i can't seem to find the website where i messaged them on. but yeah. that's what i was doing when i was 11 - 12 years old i guess.

    Edit 2: Then again i possibly could be misremembering me emailing them or Sony. I also remember emailing the Wasteland 2 devs (before i built myself a gaming PC) about if they had any plans to release Wasteland 2 on Console and they said no. and low and behold Wasteland 2 is now on PS4 and Xbox One i think last i checked.
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  3. Ugly Kid

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    May 9, 2018
    Yeah I'm not proud of this
  4. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    Is there anything about this you’d change specifically?

    I think the idea of an incoming hurricane as the main threat is interesting. I also think the idea of a quad amputee as a character is interesting, reminds me of something out of mad max. The Fallout universe could use some more amputees (as well as more dwarves, hunchbacks, and otherwise deformed people).

    Personally I’m not a fan of the Caesar’s Legion-influenced stuff. Or the NCR, BOS, or Followers for that matter. I think you’d be better off with more original factions.
  5. Mστh

    Mστh The W'rkncacnter [REDACTED]

    Mar 8, 2022
    Not only that, but the starting out as a slave being given a mission with an explosive collar idea was cool as well. I envisioned some of the slaves trying to team up together, fuck you over/backstab you, et cetera.
  6. The_Proletarian

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Agree the idea of you starting with an explosive slave collar is excellent. Maybe you could have a timelimit to get it off so that the beginning nof the game feels more urgent and desperate. Then you would consider any way to get that thing off.
  7. Ugly Kid

    Ugly Kid Still Mildly Glowing

    May 9, 2018
    I guess I had a few good ideas but I think as a whole it wasn't that great, the idea of major factions just being Legion and BoS particularly was not good.
  8. The_Proletarian

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    Mar 15, 2012
    Well it could be... Just keep writing and develop your ideas. And don't be afraid to kill your darlings as they say. Also play the games some more and see how they do things and if there's some background lore that could be worth exploring.
  9. Feday Of Madness

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    Jun 7, 2022
    Nova Scotia would be great!

    I always imagined a fallout game somewhere southwest or the Midwest where there's a self-substantiating city that was caught in a weird flux of nuclear winter and the preservation field of it creating a Killzone for anyone who tries to pass through or escape. Like most of the inhabitants would die %95 with the war or so leaving a select few with an unexplained phenomenon which for some reason doesn't effect their age that could be explained by the events with the quotes of ''All for nothing'' you know standing alone yet still standing.
  10. ProfKos23

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    Jun 8, 2022
    I would like to see a fallout with a choice of premade characters from different backgrounds. Wanderer, gang member, vault dweller, ghoul, different faction members, super mutant…etc. each different premade would come with specific suggested stats and starting perks. Each would already have a predisposition to certain factions and the story would shape around each different premade. Also different starting locations obviously. I know it would make for an interesting game and have massive replay ability.
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