I Can't Get My Character Right

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    Oct 12, 2016
    In the nearly 500 hours I've played this game, I can't count the number of times I have started a character and played quite far into the game, only to end up deleting him/her because I feel that I'm doing something wrong. In fact, I've beaten the game only three times! The first character specialized in one handed weapons in the guns skill. The second used one handed weapons in the energy weapons skill. In other words, both characters used the gunslinger perk, but not commando. The third character used heavy weapons guns, The Avenger Minigun, FIDO, and the Shoulder Mounted Machine Gun, using neither commando or gunslinger. Also, I always found that I was carrying too much throughout the game. You wouldn't believe how much I've had to leave behind just to play Honest Hearts. I feel like I have to pick up everything of value, including weapons. Also, I always take everything in first aid supplies and sometimes from refridgerators.

    I feel that I have to change my text file on character builds for this game. Can someone give me some tips for how to create characters that I can actually enjoy playing the game with? How many weapons should each character use? How much food and water should they carry? How much ammo in Hardcore? How do I avoid overencumberance? How do I effectively build up my skills by certain levels?
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    I am not trying to be an asshole or anything, but if you with 500 hours of play time and beat the game three times couldn't find a character you feel good about playing with, then I don't think anyone else can help you there.
    There is no wrong doing in FNV character's making. All builds are feasible and the skill magazines help closing gaps in skill progression for more specialized builds (unless it is a gun wielding character without investing in guns skills and instead investing in unarmed or melee for example). Just make a character you have fun playing with (do you enjoy using energy weapons or guns or heavy weapons, do you enjoy being a smooth talker, etc).

    If you feel like you carry too much then you need to carry less (keep things in a player's house/safe container you can access easily, etc) or you can max your character's strength (if this is still not enough then there is always mods out there to increase carry weight I think). There are also perks to increase carry weight (Strong Back and Burden to Bear) and perks to diminish the weight of loot (Pack Rat and Heavyweight). And there are of course the pack mules A.K.A. companions (companions can carry stuff for you too).

    I think that you are planning and complicating this so much that you don't enjoy the game and your character anymore. Unfortunately I wish I could help but I really don't think there is anything anyone besides you can do about it :-(.

    Anyway, If anyone comes by and proves me wrong I will be quite happy. I just hope you can find a way to enjoy playing the game and have fun with your characters :ok:.
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Right now I'm making a lot of changes to my text file for the characters I want to build. I list all of the mandatory perks such as
    better criticals, silent running, living anatomy, finesse, jury rigging, grim reaper's sprint, and nerves of steel. I then note the number of perk slots taken and how many are left.

    Next, I make a list of other perks to take depending on certain conditions such as:

    -If the character is using light armor during the entire game, they will use light touch, travel light, tunnel runner, and both ranks of toughness.
    -If the character plans to use any weapons affected by either gunslinger, commando, or both, they will take either or both. If not, they won't bother.
    -If the character specializes in guns, whether they plan to use a shotgun in their arsenal. If so, they will take shotgun surgeon and stay back.
    -For melee, using either melee weapons or unarmed. While both have access to super slam, unstoppable force, piercing strike, ninja, and slayer, only unarmed can use paralyzing palm.
    -If using explosives as a secondary attack, such as using Red Glare, Annabelle, Mercy, Esther, or other explosive weapons affected by either cowboy or grunt, 3 ranks of demolition expert, hit the deck, splash damage, and adamantium skeleton. If they use thrown explosives or any other explosive that arcs, they will also take heave ho.
    -If using weapons greater than 10 pounds, they will take heavyweight.
    -In hardcore, they will take pack rat.

    For pyromaniacs, there is a wider range of versatility depending on what weapons they use. If they use Gehenna or Saturnite Fist Superheated, they will take all of the unique melee perks. Only if using Saturnite Fist Superheated willl they use paralyzing palm. If using Cleansing Flame, Incinerators, or the Sonic Emmitter Tarantula, they will take vigilante recycler. If using Sonic Emmitter they will take sniper, gunslinger, and laser commander. If using the incinerator weapons or either Esthar or Mercy, they will also use heavy ho. Using any explosive weapon as a secondary attack will also make three ranks of demolition expert, hit the deck, splash damage, and adamantium skeleton more useful

    Finally, I list other useful perks that can be taken if there are any slots available. Confirmed bachelor, black widow, the professional, action boy/girl, bloody mess, strong back, burden to bear, mad bomber, math wrath, and others.

    I'm also going to try to limit the number of weapons I carry. Three or four maximum. If one of my weapons is a scoped weapon for picking off foes from a distance without them knowing, I'll include something for closer range such as a pistol or shotgun. If I'm not using a scoped weapon, I'll use a rifle and either a pistol or a shotgun. If I'm not using either rifles or pistols, I'll use a heavy rapid fire weapon together with an explosive. If I use melee or unarmed, I'll use explosives with it.

    If I start with low strength, I'll make use of light armor. If my endgame strength is between 5 or 8 I'll use either light or medium armor depending on how high it is, or go with light armor so I can carry more. Strength of 9 or 10 should be able to use power armor without any difficulty if I limit how much I carry in equipment.

    How does all this sound?
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    Oct 12, 2016
    Once again I've deleted another character. I had taken this one up on level 21 and had only started Honest Hearts. Here were his stats:


    I had already gotten the intelligence, luck and agility implants. I had also been using the first recon beret and had been equipped with Lightweight leather armor.

    He was going to specialize in using Light Armor. I had already given him light touch, travel light, and both ranks of toughness.

    At the end of the game, he would have had:

    S-6 (reinforced spine)
    P-8 (implant and bonus from first recon beret)
    I-8 (implant)
    A-8 (implant)
    L-10 (implant and bonus from Lonesome Road)

    His final armor would have been the Courier Duster and his final weapons would have been This Machine and Dinner Bell.

    Due to his low starting strength, I didn't have much to choose from in weapons. I had a cowboy repeater and a lever action shotgun at the time.

    As usual with my character, I run into certain problems.

    For example, at the end of I could make you care, I had Veronica join the Followers of the Apocalypse, only for them to be slaughtered by rogue paladins from the brotherhood. I had problems taking them down because I wasn't dealing enough damage and they were dealing too much in too short a time, and ultimately had to give that Paladin's Toaster glove I found to Veronica just to even the odds. Also, in the sacrificial chamber of vault 11, I was suffering damage too quickly when those robots were released and opened fire. And even with the Shotgun Surgeon perk I had just taken at level 20, I could barely pierce the armor of a giant scorpion in Zion. Was it because of the ammo I was using? I was using the 20 gauge slug with my lever action shotgun. But I still was not doing enough damage.

    What else is wrong with all this? I was playing on Very Easy difficulty! Hey, don't complain I've still trying to figure out how to play this game like an expert even after more than 500 hours. I guess I'm just not used to these non linear roleplaying games where you can accomplish quests in any order, but often run into obstacles too tough for you to handle if you head somewhere you shouldn't at your level and you have no idea what you're getting into.

    Maybe I should take a break from this game until someone gives me the help I need to truly play like an expert.