I have to agree on the FF thing.

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    I cannot stand magic in most cases-


    May as well be auto-kill. Because that's what it is.

    Well, Sorry to sound like one of those, but I also enjoy gameplay much more than graphics. Fallout sticks with reality and that's cool. I'm not sending any more posts with 'hyper-regeneration' heheh...

    I kinda hope that in F3 there will be big guns capable of standing up to energy weapons. Instead of only the rocket-launcer doing anything. Howsabout a stronger automatic big gun in F3?

    Hmmm.. Maybe add a smoke-bomb so that you could escape from combat in some situations.

    Gotta go-

    Take care and prepare-

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    I agree, but u can still tear people apart with the bozar, and the H+K G11E is really cool (A small Gun)