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Discussion in 'Fallout 3 Discussion' started by Guest, Feb 26, 2000.

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    Well... Here are some ideas I thought would improve Fallout 3.

    1. During combat, when someone else or you is moving, other creature can still move.(not to move around but like waving tails or cough and some small actions) It'll make combat more realistic.

    2. Comics and Books! The story for Fallout is great! Make them into books.

    3. Bigger Map

    4. Elevations for battle field so that critter or people can take advantage from the ladscape. For example, Better critical chance when hitting from higher ground.

    5. When you do target attack, you should have more place to hit. Divide the picture into to one for front and one for the back. For example, if you hit someone on the leg from their front, you can cripple them. However if you attack them from the back, you can make them fall to the ground.

    6. Music! There is no music in Fallout 2. Music in battle or city will make the game more intresting. Different place should have different music.

    7. More monsters... Immagine haveing an alien from the movie "ALIEN" and waving it's tail at you.

    8. Some item should need battery such as flash lights.

    9. When your repairing skill is high enough, you should be able to combine things together. For example, sniperscope on to rifles or flash light on to helmet or beer made into granade.

    10. In Fallout 2 The inventory sucked! No Offance. but when you have a lot stuff in it, it's really hard to find it. Also there are three sections where you can put stuff on. hand, armor and leg. Now Don't you think it would be better if you can actually collect helmets or boots? More inventory space for equips.

    11. The story should set 80 years after fallout2.

    12. since it's after fallout 2, they should have better technology which means better guns and computers.

    13. All the base points, such as intellegent should be able to go all the way up to 100. Every time you leval up. you get one creation point.

    14. Multiplayers! Make a system like for diablo! MULTIPLAYERS where players can trade and do all kinds of stuff.

    15.More skills to improve on such as explosive.

    16. NO TRAINERS!!!
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    Interesting ideas but...

    But maybe post this in the Suggestions and Ideas forum. It is a lot more active than this one, is where this message *should* be and you'll get more responses there.


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    RE: Interesting ideas but...

    Yea! i agree but in order for the Multiplayer to work you will first need to be able to control the NPC that join you. like on Baldur's Gate and then we can have some multiplayer action. and on another note you should be able to use items better like when gettin laid you should be able to use your condoms i mean wtf do you have them for if you cant even use em
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    RE: Interesting ideas but...

    >Yea! i agree but in order
    >for the Multiplayer to work
    >you will first need to
    >be able to control the
    >NPC that join you. like
    >on Baldur's Gate and then
    >we can have some multiplayer
    >action. and on another note
    >you should be able to
    >use items better like when
    >gettin laid you should be
    >able to use your condoms
    >i mean wtf do you
    >have them for if you
    >cant even use em

    I've got like 120 for one of my characters.. good thing they're weightless..


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    RE: Interesting ideas but...

    Hey Xotor ya like takin my words?