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    Apr 24, 2005
    After some chatting on the NMA modding discord channel, I've cobbled together a small "combat rebalance mod" ...

    The Inventory AP Costs mod does what the name implies: Changes inventory AP costs.

    • Reduces inventory opening cost to 0 action points.
    • Doing anything in the inventory costs 2 action points.
    • Limits the Quick Pockets perk to 1 rank.
    • Works with any Fallout 2 mod, not just Fallout et tu.
    The mod can be found here. It's made for people who want to increase combat difficulty a bit, as you can't just spam stimpaks anymore every x turns. It might need some more tweaks, I dunno...

    Personally I feel like 2 action points per action is still a bit generous, especially with Quick Pockets perk. Maybe it should be changed to 3 action points per action? If anyone has further thoughts on it, I'm all ears.

    It's pretty much a single global script and it requires sfall 3.5 or higher. Personally I didn't tested it with anything < 4.2, but it should work, I guess.
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  2. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    The AP cost mod has been present for quite a while.
    You'llbe probably happy to know that this mod ( for example in Fo:Nevada Crazy Edition) also fixes usage of burst weapons, increasing the cost of burst to 7AP (5AP with Fast shot + Bonus Rate of Fire) so it's no longer possible to burst down 3 times in a row, with maximum possible action Points of 12. now it's only max 1 or 2 bursts and possibly a reload with proper build. but that is still kind of overpowered.

    In order to balance burst weaponry one would have to consider tweaking "Sniper" perk to work only with called shots and nothing else. This should be in addition to AP cost tweak.
    Since none of Burst bullets uses a called shot, Bursts wouldn't benefit from Sniper perk and the op damage numbers of crit shots per number of bullets in burst would be no more.
    Max what one could get is a total of 35% crit chance (with finesse perk +10Lk +3x More Criticals perk) that yealds +/- 1/3 of bullets in a single burst doing critical damage. it might not be enaugh to 1 shot tougher critters then. and Burst shots would be somewhat more balanced then.
    After conversion to Fo2 engine and some tweaks to ddraw.ini causing main target to soak all the damage and no collateral damage, Burst shots are the way to go.
  3. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    Don't know about it, but first thing coming to my mind is: Well, this script is meant for the inventory use, not weapons. Going down the weapons AP route would require more than burst tweaks, imo. And that's not a way I want to go at all, at least with this script.