Invisible mutants in Fallout 1

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    I installed Fallout 1 US and applied the 1.2 (Unofficial) Patch and I'm playing it using sfall for Fallout 1 from here:

    However, I'm having a problem. The mutants that use the Nightkin graphic are invisible until they start their first turn in combat. In the attached image that guy only showed up when he got his minigun out.

    Similarly Harry in Necropolis was also invisible in the same way.

    And I don't mean transparent like the Nightkin. I mean completely invisible, like the missing kids in the UK version you could say.

    Any ideas? I copied the critter.dat file from the CD again, but that didn't change anything.

    Edit: OK, I'm retarded, I posted in the wrong place.
    But I found out that the ddraw.dll causes this issue. Even if I copy the one used in the GOG version (which I don't think is from sfall?) I get this problem.
    However, if I use the critter.dat from the GOG version then I don't get this issue. Of course then I have to use the kids patch and then I might as well just use the GOG version in the first place. But anyway, then maybe my US installer/iso is broken somehow?

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