Is it possible to make Stitch and Farsight good?

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  1. Kneller

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    Dec 12, 2019
    I'm planning another run through the game, but doing some variant from previous runs.

    What I'm considering is going with the following variant:
    - No Base/Vehicle storage, only keep what you can carry.
    - No cheesing the end of maps by loading all loot on one overencumbered character and leapfrogging to QM
    - Limited party, Warrior, Stitch and Farsight, beginning to end.
    - No exploiting game bugs (item duplication, Loner perk with a party, etc)
    - No banking perks. When you get a perk, you use it for that level (so no banking everything for level 12)
    - No innocent deaths. You have to save all civvies or mission failed and you need to reload/restart

    I've been working out plans for development for both Farsight and Stitch and am hitting some walls. My general strategy is that everyone has a main and secondary combat role (close/BG, mid/EW, long/sniper) so I can use people best for the situation. By mid/late game, my snipers are more useful for disabling opponents than doing damage, so criticals (as weak as they are) increase in importance. As for the non-combat skills, they will be divvied up based on surplus skill points. As for sneak, I use it a -lot- in general, and would especially with this group.

    Farsight: In my mind, Mandy is better than her in almost all aspects, and easily a better sniper. By mid-late game, my I could mutate her for Gifted at L9 and then Gain Luck at L12, then I can start taking bonus criticals. It seems like a lot of feats spent just to get the feats I want and only leaves about 3 perks leftover for other boosts. I mean, it's not the end of the world, With bonus RoF, I can have two targeted shots per round. It's not terrible, but I also wonder if she could be built better.

    Stitch: He is an even bigger mess. His PE of 4 is practically a handicap. Obviously he isn't taking sniper (which I would prefer for my medic) as primary or secondary. Furthermore, the best you can get his PE up to is 6 (Mutate for Gifted and Gain Per). For combat, that leaves him with big guns and EW, neither of which are tagged, not only that, he doesn't have sneak tagged (which I use a TON). Sure his int is high, but it will be level 18 before he has all the perks to make him decent at even a singular role (mutate, tag, bonus ROF, gain PE) and all those extra skill points does not seem like enough.

    The Warrior: This can be built for anything to round out the group, but considering what I'm working with, I'd be thinking sneak, throwing, and maybe small guns, maybe something else with a tag for EW later.

    Anyway, this is where I'm at with this team and would appreciate pointers. Thanks!
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    Nov 20, 2019
  3. Kneller

    Kneller First time out of the vault

    Dec 12, 2019
    You think that's harsh? One of my variants is a Rambo run. It's a solo game with one of the rules being no looting anything. You go into each mission with an empty inventory except for the clothes/armor on your back and leave with the same. You have to salvage all weapons and gear from within the mission and ditch it all when you leave. You can only upgrade/keep armor if you find it.

    It's a very different game.

    But back on point, how can I effectively build Farsight and Stitch (and the Warrior) in this framework? Thanks!
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    Jan 11, 2008
    You dont understand gamer's thinking at all, do you? That gamers' mentality called "packrat". We want to carry EVERYTHING down to the kitchen sink everywhere with us.

    Or do you want to educate gamers, cure us from the silly things like carry our loots everywhere?