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I heard that the Xbox will be able to run already bought PC games on it along with its own games. If this is true, I am definantly getting one! Imagin playing Fallout on a TV screen at godly speeds... ahhhh.

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Apparently they don't want to make X-Box like a computer, otherwise its just like a small version of a normal computer.
I am doubtful that it will be PC compatible, because that would defeat the purpose... Not exactly sure, but pretty skeptical

"Ever notice theres two Skeeters in Fallout 2?"
Actually, it would be a bright idea on MS's behalf, unfortunately they're not too full of bright ideas...

>Apparently they don't want to make
>X-Box like a computer, otherwise
>its just like a small
>version of a normal computer.
>I am doubtful that it will
>be PC compatible, because that
>would defeat the purpose... Not
>exactly sure, but pretty skeptical
>"Ever notice theres two Skeeters in
>Fallout 2?"

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>I heard that the Xbox will
>be able to run already
>bought PC games on it
>along with its own games.
>If this is true, I
>am definantly getting one! Imagin
>playing Fallout on a TV
>screen at godly speeds... ahhhh.

Can you imagine how blurry the graphics would be? I mean text from a Sega Genesis game is blurry enough and that runs at 320x200. Imagine trying to position the mouse and picking up a rifle on the ground.. it's hard enough on a monitor.

I found that Fallout didn't really benefit from a really fast processor so much as more RAM and a faster hard drive. Plus, with no hardware acceleration in Fallout all that advanced hardware in the XBox will be relatively worthless.

What would be cool is if they used the GeForce3 but kept it as an AGP card and sold the system for $300. I'd just yank the card and put it in my computer.


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geforce3 is the nv20 Xbox is going to use the nv25 and if you can remove the card thats exactly what I'll do as well :)