Jim's Mods Version 1.48 (Now Compatible with RP & UP)

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    Anything I don't mention below, I liked as is. :)

    In regards to what has been done to address the 1st problem;

    • adding a movement penalty seems excessive and unecessary (make it optional in next version)
    • the recoil feature sounds like something that would be interesting at first but would get real tiring after a while to deal with (make it optional in next verson)
    • the melee damage treatment is very interesting, though would it not make sense to only add the bonus for every point of ST the player has above the weapon's min. ST req. instead? And are some weapons classed as unarmed? Is that factored in already?
    • the blocking power aspect confuses me a little; "... you can choose at what THC for the enemy you'll block ..." are you saying there is a setting in the ini the player should adjust? Yes or no, how would the player know what sort of THC and/or ST an opponent would have?
      • wouldn't a better approach be to have a random roll between 1-10; let's say you want the chance the player will attempt a block at 40%, so a roll of 1-4 the player attempts to block, then if a block is attempted however you want to compare the player to the opponent behind the scenes is cool, so long as there are four possible outcomes; first - player is better than the opponent and the block is successful (no hit), second - player is worse than the opponent and the block fails (full hit), third - player is equal to the opponent and the block is partially successful (25% hit?), fourth - player is equal to the opponent, the block is successful (no hit to player) and the hit is partially redirected to the opponent (25% hit to opponent) [the fourth outcome might not be possible to code]


    • What you've done with movement speed seems to be something that just servers to limit the player too much, I understand that 99.999% of users max out their AG and thus you think that initial first hex penalty is virtually nothing; but if the user chooses to have a low AG player for whatever reason, that first step will always suck!

    In regards to what has been done to address the 2nd problem;

    • the reloading AP cost seems a little high, I understand what you are trying to do here, but 5 and 3 might be enough.
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    Mar 17, 2013

    You might be right, it's more of an experiment anyway.

    Don't really agree, I think it's very interesting that you have to look at the number of burst rounds you use. I mean, could end up otherwise, but I feel like it's good.

    Yeah, like I say in the (unclear) description, with unarmed weapons the formula doesn't look at the weapon's weight, but at the player's effective power or whatever (i.e. ST/2).

    Nope, check the screenshot, there's a +/- for adjusting the value by 10%. What happens is the (relevant part of the) to hit formula gets run twice: first with the dodge bonus included, then if the THC is still too high, again without the dodge bonus (so probably almost a guaranteed hit, but not with you absorbing more damage). I like this system, and you were right to point out that making it completely manual was bullshit.

    Hopefully they won't tho now that everyone has 10 AP. I have a hunch that everyone preferred AG for the higher amount of attacks, not moves, but I guess we'll see.

    Heh, don't agree again, reloading has to become way more of a pain than it is right now, it needs to be something that makes you sweat when you have the last round in the chamber. Can't do that with low values like that (or in vanilla).
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    May 5, 2014
    Hello Guys, hello Jim!

    I’m following the development of your Overhaul closely.
    I’m playing Fallout since the early days, back in 1998. I’ve played it so often, I need years between every play through.
    The last times I attempted a new start, I did repeatedly break up after some hours. Even though I very much like what RP is doing and understand and appreciate the idea of staying close to the original game, the game mechanics are just outright completely broken.

    I love the beginning where you have to work hard to save up money for your first armor.
    But already being able to kill Metzgers (I thought in English his name surely was butchers ... lol, Metzger is German) slaver gang
    so early in the game is greatly disappointing for me.

    I could go on for hours here, but in my opinion you pretty much nailed it. Sure this might still be a very early state.
    But I’m already getting nerd chills thinking of Fallout 2 with a Game Mechanics Overhaul, bringing back the challenge of the early game states.
    I want to go back to quests in the early areas after 15+ hours of gameplay, just because I’m only now strong enough to manage it.

    I’m so busy right now, I would love to test your mod, I just don’t have the time right now.

    I’m completely clueless, why this is not getting more attention - it surely deserves a lot of it.

    Again, please don’t be discouraged. I truly believe that you can make it so, that I’m still going to play Fallout 2 10 years from now and still enjoy the decision making.

    PS: @Admin. Could some please change the Topics name, as asked by Jim :-)
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    May 15, 2014
    Jim, when I'm playing this mod it's get unstable with RP 2.3.2. I get FC and error in rat's tunnel in klamath, also with warning:

    This instruction at 004c5d09 referenced memory at 0a8aa054.
    The memory could not be read from.

    I follow every step in first page/Installation Instructions readme. Is your mod compatible with new RP?
    I really love your overhaul mod because it's bring something new to try and play with so your mod have become necessary. Please tell or ask me about the erro.