Ken Levine Answers Bioshock Questions

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    The Bioshock site at recently received some replies from Ken Levine on the upcoming Bioshock game. The interview features six wordy questions with interesting replies.<blockquote>Ken Levine: There have been lots of games where you make moral choices as follows:

    Lord Doofus: So, Paladin, tell me this: Will you join the forces of light, or will you side with King Demonik's infernal army?

    You: 1) Hook me up with that shiny plate mail! I'm your man, Doofus! Now can I have that scroll of Seraphic Summoning?

    2) Screw you Doofus! I want me some of that hellfire? Now can you point me to the helpless widows and orphans?

    What always bugs me about this is that it ignores the key component of what compels people to do nasty things: need. In BioShock, we put you in a terrible world that has exploited the weakest members of that world in horrible ways. Then we put you in a situation in which, in order to survive, it's pretty damn tempting to exploit the weak yourself. And there's no moral authority telling you what to do, what's right and wrong.</blockquote>The interview can be found here

    Bioshock site

    Spotted at RPG Codex
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    well sounds kinda logic, gonna have some fun with this one.