Killing Children is Wrong

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    Feb 9, 2006
    Hello, I'm Ed the Raider and I'm a good and decent person. Morality is very important to me. That's why I never kill children.
    Killing children is wrong.

    I'm very careful to not do wrong things.
    For example, I visited Shady Sands a few days ago. I liked Seth's rifle so I shot him in the head and took it. Then people started attacking me. Katrina, the town greater tried to punch me, so I kicked her in the cunt and she collapsed to the ground. Then I shot her in stomach and left her to die. Many people tried to stop me but they died. I killed men, I killed women, I killed dogs.
    I killed an elderly lady and sawn her head off. Then I put it on a cupboard. It was hilarious.
    Suddenly, I noticed a woman and a kid, probably her son hiding in the room.
    He held tightly to her dress. They both cried and begged me for mercy. I shoot her in the head, splattering brain, blood and bone fragments on her child. The kid cried hysterically, but I didn't shot him. It would be cruel and unnecessary. It would be wrong.

    As I said before, I'm a good and decent person and I never kill children.
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    Dec 24, 2007
  3. Dracon M'Alkir

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    So doing all that other evil stuff, but not killing the kids, makes you a good, moral, decent person? :?
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    Oct 15, 2007
    Yeah, i know what you mean. It's strange how we draw these arbitrary moral lines in our societies.

    Like censorship - i love the way on mainstream cable channels like Spike they're happy to show movies like Grindhouse with guns, slaughter and destruction but they have to censor the word 'shit'
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    Nov 11, 2008
    from a real world standpoint lets look at killing children....

    genghis kahn had an incredibly rough childhood. when his father was killed there were men who wanted to kill him to prevent him from seeking revenge against the looters when he grows up. the only thing that saved his life was that he was still considered a child under mongol tradition(there really werent laws in mongolia then, just tradition and courtesy). many sources state that gengis khan was proped up against the wheel of a cart on more then one ocassion to see if he was as tall as the wheel and thus a man and in the end ripe for killing.

    anyway i like the story in the topic, it should go for any game that allows you to be an evil little bastard but aparently not kill children. the original fable is a good example.... those "i dont kill children" views arent concrete amongst evil do-ers. even though gengis khan was saved in his youth by it, many stories about his life claim that in his later years the mongols stopped caring and killed who they liked and thats why gengis khan wanted to unify them, to give them laws.
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    Flawed logic.

    The whole "It's okay to rape and kill... as long as they're over 18" argument doesn't work now, and it didn't work when beth tried it.