Lenny won't join party

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  1. Ugly Kid

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    May 9, 2018
    I've had this problem previously and I wasn't able to fix it. I didn't even know why he wouldn't join me. I've figured out why he won't join me but I don't know how to fix it.

    Usually to recruit him you ask about the GECK and eventually he gets to talking about wishing he joined the Vault Dweller, at which point you can say:

    "I am following in my ancestor’s footsteps. Would you like another chance? Will you join me?"

    That option however won't show up for me. Instead I get:

    "I’m sure that the work you do here amongst the ghouls has value and meaning. It was good to hear of my ancestor. Let me ask you something."

    I thought maybe this was because of the restoration project but that's not it as these quotes were copy pasted from a transcript of the base game. Said transcript doesn't tell you how to unlock each option.

    I thought maybe it's because I said something wrong in Vault City or Gecko so I loaded a save where I hadn't talked to anyone in either location but that didn't work.

    I'm not at my party limit as I installed a mod which removed that and even if Lenny was unaffected I had only 4 followers. Although admittedly I hadn't tried getting rid of my followers just in case but I heard someone else on a different forum tried but it didn't work.

    My character has an intelligence of 8, so I don't think that is a problem.

    If I recall correctly you don't need to do a quest to get him with you.

    The only title I have is Virgin of the Wastes, so it's not like he dislikes me.

    I have no clue what needs to trigger to change that line of dialogue, does anyone here know?
  2. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    I think I’ve had that problem too. Is it possible that your karma is too low?
  3. Ugly Kid

    Ugly Kid It Wandered In From the Wastes

    May 9, 2018
    My karma is currently 398
  4. gustarballs1983

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    Oct 28, 2009
    1. Wrong subforum.
    Ask mods to redirect to "Fallout gameplay & tech"

    2.what party limit mod are you using?
    You have to know there are two party limits in this game one is CHA/2 and the other is =<5
    older party limit mods remove only the first one (some only for selected NPCs) but the other one stayed.

    instead of toying with custom scripts give "fo2tweaks" a try. it removes both charisma/2 limit and the upper cap if configured properly. There is an option to disable the rest of the cheats/painkillers, but let's face it you wouldn't want a unlimited party member mod if you woudn't want to bend the game rules :p

    If Lenny isn't affected by your *unlimited* party mod, and you have 4 party members already, You still need 10CHA to take him in (as other party members still count towards slot limit for him, it's that just the ones included in the mod aren't affected by the slot limit).

    3. Have you used a mod compatible with Fo2RP/RPU or just slapped over Fo2 mod on top of Restoration Project?

    Party member scripts differ slightly between vanilla Fo2 and Restoration Rroject *Including* Lenny's script.
    he's got a small dialogue about cure for other party member's health condition
    that is not present in vanilla game. this may f*ck up things.

    4. other requiremets.
    It might be nessecary to complete town's quests. karma might not be needed, but town reputation may count (how your char is viewed in Gecko), and that is achived through quests done in a certain way. also check your speech skill (if it's enaugh). Plus the dialogue option is given only the first time, so any subsequent retries do sh!t.
  5. RadioactiveGirlfriend

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    Sep 15, 2021
    I had the same "problem" at first. Honestly, I just assumed you had to fix the reactor first, then he became available to recruit. After I fixed the reactor, he gladly joined up. As someone else said, town rep might be the reason.
  6. Ugly Kid

    Ugly Kid It Wandered In From the Wastes

    May 9, 2018
    Alright I will try thanks
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