Losing vehicle problem, really need a solution to this, special encounter

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Got rather a big problem here. I saved the game beforehand thankfully, and have tried going on foot, but it doesn't seem to turn up then.

    The canadian invasion special encounter, to pick up the acid-thrower and a lot of lightweight ammo, basically a really, really long range, armor-piercing pistol flamer only with a fraction of the weight and vastly improved range. Definitely a weapon I very much want to add to the squad.

    Just saved the game shortly before obtaining it, after a MASSIVE wasteland scrap against 10+ super-mutants, who were heavily armed, with M2 browning .50 cal autocannon, SAWs and grenades. Almost lost two squad members, until a last ditch intervention involving someone running up close to several of them armed with a (full sized) flamethrower, after Mother pelting a plasma grenade into the crowd, and roasting the ones carrying the autocannons extra-crispy, the rest being cleaned up with bursts of M2 and SAW fire, plus a few sharpshooters using sniper rifles and taking them out with eye shots.

    Loaded up the loot into the APC, also have the scouter, saved, took off after the medical attention required to heal up those who'd taken the heavy fire from the mutants' autocannons, and moved on out. Then next map square or two, ran into the canadian invasion special encounter. Not much to tell there, put them all down in moments without them ever getting in a successful shot, a total wipeout.

    Found the acid-thrower, but there is a bug. A bad one too. the APC and scouter both had vanished, completely, not on the map, just gone. And both were packed to the hilt with massive quantities of valuable weapons and munitions, hundreds of .50 cal rounds, a good many M2s, SAWs, thousands and thousands of other rounds and the pair of the vehicles packed with environmental armor suits, hundreds of grenades, medical supplies, can't afford to lose that lot and its way more than the squad could ever carry.

    And of course, don't want to lose either the scouter, and especially not the APC.

    Tried leaving the vehicles in the neighboring hex, and then going in on foot. Encounter doesn't happen. Does when the vehicles are there, but they become lost to the aether, tried several times on foot and then, no encounter.

    Can anyone suggest a solution to this? even if it means cheating to spawn the acid thrower and ammunition and then just avoiding the map square as a location too dangerous to go through?

    Would really appreciate the help with this, thanks.