manhattan project mod ... general thoughts and wishes ... 8)

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    maybe most people here dont have the experiences of military and hunting weapons and their handling and use, closeupfights ...

    so ... just some thoughts to make it short...
    SOLOPLAYER only for now

    1. weapons

    - rocket launchers accuracy to long range change is GOOOD. really makes no sense in standard version

    - deathclaw changes are GOOOD ;) ... wanna play one of those in single player )

    - make available please REAL big game weapons like 500 nitro express double barreled rifles, using 2x .50 ammo, short range bonus, aimed not possible or instant death whatever if hitting head/eyes, str. 10

    - revolvers "deadly", short range bonus, using pointed shot as fastest action in melee range 1/2 substracting an ap, if aimed in short range damage multiplyer, str. 10

    - sniper rifle (-s) GOOD the barret .50cal. included now. make that 2 versions available old/new.
    ... increase the damage : if used aimed in mid range hitting eyes with skill 180+ while standing a damage of 16 is laughable ;)
    ... decrease usability: they should be all usable NOT standing ! so stand up/snipe/sit down ... should be impossible with them.

    - shotguns use non aimed only (if not melee range?)and damage close to zero if standard ammo on armored targets.

    - all 2hand fired weapons ... if using one, 2nd. hand slot MUST be free !

    - all 1hand fired weapons
    ... if 2nd hand slot free add to skill% accuracy/damage for 2handed shooting
    ... if 1handed fired, make 2 in 2 slots SAME TIME available!
    ... not available for high power types if shkill below 200
    ... reduce ac/damage if dual wielding

    2. weapon/ammo effects

    - all high velocity(hv)/high impact(hi) weapons/ammos MUST have an "knock down effect" -- revolvers/pistols depending on range.

    - hv: shock effect

    - hi: knock down/ko effect

    - headshots/eyeshots and hv/hi : small and mid size targets should be dead instantly ...

    3. repair skill

    - make that RELOAD and CUSTOMIZE SKILLS !!!

    - repair 100: reload standard ammo to hv/hi ammo in relation 10 to 1 using a special tool kit. stats enhanced ...

    - repair 150: customize weapons range/ap/dam/... using 3 to 10 standard weapons to create one new type ... as above

    - repair 150: customize armor ... as above

    4. new defined deathclaws ...hehe 8)

    - i DEFINETELY wanna play one of those in single player mode !!!


    - weight limits on them. cant imagine closupfighting while carrying a 300 stone backpack .. ;)

    - increase "not get hit" or implement "suck life" perks for them;)

    5. make it possible to play specialists from the start using all kind of weaponry from the start with reduced ac/dam in lower skill ranges/lvls. ... so energy with a pistol and ammo available ;)

    6. make some usage of the stuff you have tons of and just could sell. maybe using repair skill to mix together, enhance, use on something else ...
    - 1000 shots ammo to 10 superb grenades ?
    - 50 guns same type to one enhanced ? ... see above
    - enhance cars/tanks stripping all others to customiye the tank at repair 200 and some high end stuff toolkit ;)