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Half of the staff of Microforte has been laid-off, the next day Fallout Tactics hit gold. Interplay waited for them to finish the game to say they weren`t interested in mantaining their business relation, when there were an informal agreement in the other sense.Tipical corporate trash tactics.

I want to apologise if in my critics there was anything that could lead to the idea i didn`t respected the work from the guys and girls at Microforte, that`s not true, they listened to the fans and are very talented people indeed.

Also i`ve read Hell Patrol`s latest posts and it seems i was missdirecting my sarcasm, it shouldn`t have been to Microforte ,14ºEast or genuine fallout fans like Hell-Patrol but instead it should have been directed to Interplay and their dreaded Interplay.com.


The good news is that those who said in earlier post in the fo:3 and fo:tactics boards that FO:3 is already in pre-production were right, inside sources have almost confirmed it in the last few days.

The bad news is that FOOL is also in pre-production...

And how about Miroslav, is he leaving or not?
RE: Not really

I placed a link to this thread in the FOT board because it has indirecly to do with it, but since it has to do with more general issues i think it should be here. I had an urge to post this after i read several things posted in the IP boards and comments in voodooextreme, i agree with many things being said there and in the v13 chatroom, just had to put this out of my chest.

And how about Miroslav, what`s on his mind?

This was posted by Sawyer of Black Isle Studios in the comment section ov Vault13.net, during an argument with Roshambo and others:
"If FO3 isn't in production and FOOL isn't in production. Why was half of the FOT team laid off?"

I don't know. I don't work for MicroForte, and I don't work in Interplay management. Sorry.

"More importantly, what exactly are BIS's resources tied up in at the moment? It's hard to keep track since the BIS site doesn't provide as much info as it should."

This BIS site provides as much/little project information as we are allowed to disseminate. All of our in-house titles are unannounced. Because we are part of a public company, we can't discuss our projects in depth until they have been officially announced by the publisher (Interplay). That said, here's what we *can* say we are developing:

* The Washington Project: A fantasy RPG using a Black Isle homebrew world with an adaptation of the SPECIAL system. It is 3D iso, and uses the Lithtech 2 engine. Most of the people on this project worked on Planescape: Torment.

* The Jefferson Project: The title I'm working on with a dozen other people. It's an RPG. Other than that, we can't say much.

* The Madison Project: The title the Icewind Dale/IWD:HoW team will be moving on to. It probably won't actually enter production until the Washington Project and Jefferson Project are in hardcore production mode. I believe the Washington Project will be announced at GDC. Big Daddy Fergbucks has shifted a lot of people onto that project to insure that it makes a good impression.

I'm curious; what, exactly, was the source for this "glut of FO titles" reason?"

First:it wasn`t THE source but THE SOURCES...
Second:as far as i know one of the "sources" should know what he/she is talking about, he/she didn`t FULLY confirmed FO3 but...
Third:even if BIS knows about FO3 they can`t disclose it because of legal obligations concerning the fact they`re a public company and Interplay is in the stock-exchange markets...
Fourth:read the rest, quite interesting at all levels...