Mod Combo that MIGHT redeem this game

Discussion in 'Fallout 4' started by Charwo, Nov 22, 2019.

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    Mar 9, 2017
    I've had time to stew, and the thing is, the base game of Fallout 4 is irredeemable. We all know this. BUT mods MIGHT be able to fix it, or make it passable.

    Short of a revamp of the entire dialogue of nearly everything in vanilla Fallout 4, we DO have an alternative main quest in Thuggysmurf's Depravity AND Project Valkerie. Not sure what it does for new dialogue BUT it gives a LOT more options in how to complete the main quest including endings where you destroy NO faction. Bad dialogue is forgivable if I have real roleplaying options.

    Then there's full dialogue interface. Sadly there's nothing that does notes properly, but you can get a Notes mod for the vanilla entries.

    Mechanically there are lots of overhauls to the perk system, but really adding in skills doesn't really do much. The whole game needs to be rebalanced around static HPs and static damages and skills like gunslinger only make you more ACCURATE, and not do more damage. There are mods for this but which one looks best is anyone's guess.

    Honestly, the shoot and loot mechanics are the same as New Vegas, it's just there are no skill checks.

    But the thing that buns MY ass is none of these. What burns MY ASS is that the premise is wasted and Boston is a ruin instead of thriving or surviving city-state. Not all of it, but Docks to North End to Fens with Trinity Plaza. DC is a horrible idea it's merchants and such should be dispersed all over the Fens in actual shops and such.

    Some of Boston's ideas are horrible, the Constitution is one of them. Robots on a ship versus Scavengers is awesome, but flying ship and combating the Chinese versus post-war pirates is another thing, but they can be worked with.

    If you create a map where post-war rebuilding and scavenging is a thing, then things are not so horrible. As long as half the map shows signs it was Vegas level rebuilt until the Provisional Government was killed and the Insitute started its interdiction of terror, and not simply left to rot from 10 years after the apocalypse, things look WAY less awful.

    So if you have a living city versus a dead one, and it looks like a functioning city with working cars and clean streets and no MAJOR enemies, then yeah it's not so horrible.

    The main quest needs to be tweaked at points: you need an infiltration route for Vault 114, but other than that, it sounds like Valkerie and Degeneracy got you covered in third act fixing AND you can spare Kellog if you choose.

    And most importantly, though probably flawed, there are surviving spouse mods, which is kind of a big deal to me cause.....they are wasted otherwise.

    Most issues have been addressed in Fallout 4 except Boston is a dead city and Bethesda is garbage. But we can fix the former.

    Does any of this appeal to you, something to try and get your money's worth? Or are there other problems the gam CANNOT overcome?