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  1. generalissimofurioso

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    Jun 17, 2007
    I would like to see the Fatman replaced with something more feasible.

    Like a Thermobaric rocket launcher or Plasma Cannon.

    Oh and the Railway Rifle, it could easily be turned into a normal spear-gun or crossbow, thus destroying the stupid whistling.
  2. Oakraven

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    Oct 9, 2008
    Oblivion is often Called Modblivion because it has enough mods out their to completly replace the game. for example the FCOM mod

    weighs in at 144 mb
  3. jero cvmi

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    Oct 8, 2008
    3 ideas

    OK from what i've seen so far of Fallout 3, there is an endless list of things that should change, and have been more or less discussed here and elsewhere. Unkillable NPCs, Meaningless nuclear explosions, Weightless ammo, etc etc.

    But the top 3 most important improvements to the direction of a more "fallouty" game, in my opinion, would be, in order of increasing guesstimated difficulty:

    1. Replace the dreadful green popups top right -yes the
    " :D Critical hit on Ghoul " one, with text from or resembling the original text box.

    2. Edit VATS to include eye and groin shots, and targeting in melee combat.

    3. Point & Click interface in 3rd person, instead of WASD controls.
    As it is, you rotate the camera with the mouse, and move around with the keyboard. What if we changed the controls to rotate the camera with the keyboard, and use the mouse to project a cursor on the 3d environment. Left click moves PC to cursor, fires if the cursor is over an enemy, or uses an item. right click opens a menu.

    I have no experience with the Gamebryo engine, and bethesda's modding tools, or any game modding for that matter.
    (Beleive it or not, its the first time i've actually felt dissappointed by a game to the point of wanting to edit it- usually i either liked them as they were, or threw them away altogether)

    I do have a lot of experience in scripting and programming though, and i would like to hear from someone that has experience with those tools, if these improvements are very difficult, if feasible at all.

    Some people over at BGSF, who i've discussed these with, claim that #1 should be very easy, and #2 and #3 insanely difficult.

    Does anyone have an opinion?
  4. lord_hellraiser

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    Oct 10, 2008
    Continuum - Well, I guess I'm not that well-informed then. :oops: And well, there's a way to convert Maya files into Max. (They taught us Maya instead of Max. Long story.)

    The most modding I've done is only to unpack some files and change some values in notepad. D=
  5. Arash

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    Oct 3, 2008
    lets hope they do the same to Fallout, I know both Oblivion and Fallout use the same engine but something is telling me that Bethesda is not very keen towards the fallout community.
  6. Humpsalot

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    Aug 15, 2008
    35 mod ideas

    1) Would like a mod that pointed out references to any previous Fallouts, in case I missed it or went over my head. And what it is referring to, IE if you find Harold in FO3 it would say this is a reference to FO1 and FO2 then an explanation of what role he played in the originals. Also down the line make a mod that you can turn on that will have dotted lines to each of these references in order according to how close each one is. Just like Questtracker for World of Warcraft and I am sure other games as well.

    2) A 100% complete Quest tracker that will lead me through each quest in the game. Like if Annita (or whatever her name is) offers a quest, have dotted lines on the map that say go to her then it will tell you to talk to here, what dialog options you need to say to get the quest, then the different ways and skill checks required for the quest. For example "This quest takes minimum 6 intelligence to get, and you have 2 options to complete this quest, the first option you will need speech 30, second option science 40." Then you can choose and it will make a dotted line on a map where the person you need to talk to is, or the computer you need to hack. Also tell you the minimum, or maximum karma you would need for the quest.

    3) A normal quest tracker that tracks your current quest. Bethesda put one in already, but I don't want "Go to the south west" and "find this item" I want a dotted line to each thing I need to find, and maybe highlight it.

    4) Better graphic mod

    5) Auto save mod that will save every X minutes to 5 different rotating slots.

    6) Auto save mod that reminds you to save before you send dogmeat out to scavenge for goods, so in case he dies you can reload it.

    7) Bobble head quest tracker mod, dotted line to each bobble head.

    8) Recommended level mod, Divide the map in the pipboy with lines to denote each area and give recommended level to each section. Also what weapons and items you should bring.

    9) A gun condition mod, tells you exactly how many shots left till gun breaks.

    10) A mod that tells you what level difficulty an object is in game. IE instead of a computer terminal saying "skill to low" will say exactly how much skill you need. Though I think Bethesda might have put this in.

    11) Titan toolbar. Another WoW mod, tracked your Coordinates in game, a clock of what time it is (real time, in real life), your xp per hour, your estimated time to level based on your xp per hour. How much more you can carry. All on a hud and not having to go into your pip boy.

    12) Some mod that tracks certain items. Say you wanted a piece of clothing that increases you science skill (like the mad scientist's does, according to one reviewer.) With this mod you could type in the name of it and it would make a dotted line to where it was or the person who had it, or you could plug in a stat and the mod would find something in game that would help that stat out.

    13) A mod where if you were talking to someone would say "This person is available to join your party" and then tell you what you need to do to get him/her to join.

    14) A mod that indicates what each dialog option will do. Like either in parenthesis (- karma) or (+karma) or (this option will lead to the conversation ending and this npc will never talk to you again) or (if you take this option you will not be able to get "quest x") or (this will lead to this person shooting you)

    15) Karma indicator, when cursing over a person this mod will tell you if the person you are looking at will offer you a plus or minus karma choice either through a quest or dialog option, and what dialog option to chose for desired karma.

    16) A mod that you can pick good, bad, or neutral and it will lead you to quest for desired karma.

    17) Mod that tells you best way to kill what you are pointed at, or weak points ect.

    18) A mod where if you are walking close to something, be it a weapon, box, ammo, computer, person that it will point it out so you don't just walk right past it.

    19) A mod that has a list of locations on it and you can just click one on the list and it will show you how to get there. And a list of people.

    20) A mod with a list of items and you can click and the mod will show you what it does (plus 5 science or if a weapon 20 dmg a shot) and you can click on the item and it will show you where to get one, in the wasteland preferably.

    21) A tracker for achievements that shows you where to go and how to get

    22) A tracker for each faction, how to get friendly with them where they are how to get there.

    23) Not sure if this is modable, but interactive environments, make swing sets that don't swing, swing, make people hanging from chains swing when touched, ect.

    24) Ammo reminder, a mod that lets you know when you are low on ammo, either in each magazine, and low in overall inventory. Also will tell you when you are low on stimpacks or health raising items.

    25) Funny mod, shows you funny places to go or people you can talk to that have a funny outcome, and what steps to take to make that outcome happen

    26) Auto seller, this mod will automatically sell all worthless stuff you have picked up when talking to a vendor. Worthless meaning not part of any schematic and has no other use except to sell to vendors. Add an check box that you can sellect certain things not to auto sell, like things that would be good to shoot out of the rock et launcher.

    27) Mod that shows you where to get keys/codes to locked doors.

    28) maps to all caves, ect

    29) a mod that changes your pointer. Instead it will change to a circle that shrinks as your small arms goes up. AKA a area in the form of a circle of where the bullet will go when fired. Like mass effect.

    30) A mod that summarizes what each person told you and/or will tell you, so you don't actually have to read and/or listen to them talking.

    31) Mod with preset SPECIAL for what type of character you want to be. For example "Sniper" might be one option, you click it and your stat will change to fit what you chose. IE you click on sniper and it takes your charisma to 1 and puts your luck to 9 or w/e. Will also tag the skills you need. Or even options like "Do gooder" and it will tag the skills you need to be able to help the most people out.

    32) A quest tracker that shows you where quest are that give you bonuses like ant strength ect.

    33) an outfitter that automatically puts on the clothes that is best suited for the situation. Put on the science coat when accessing a computer, or puts on what closes the player chooses in each situation. Like put on a certain outfit in a safe town and when you walk out of the town it will put back on your power armor. Like a World of warcraft Outfitter or wardrobe or item rack.

    34) A mod that wont allow, or at least warn, you before you sell any important items, like stuff for schematics.

    35) A mod that lets you know when all quest are done in a certain town, like megaton, so you know you can destroy it.

    I know most of these mods are do able, and I know some have over lapping ideas. But I have no idea how to mod, so I hope someone out there will make these.
  7. Kuj2

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Heh, basically you want a non-thinking game that doesn't only do walking and pulling the trigger for you. Nearly all things presented here are convenience to the point of laziness, and possibly well beyond it. If Bethesda's game isn't Fallout, then your modded game isn't Fallout twice as much.
    EDIT: All right, I'll point 'em out.

    1) That's why you should have played first Fallouts for. If you didn't, then this kind of reference indicator won't tell you anything because it won't ring any bell.

    2) A what? You'd rip the game out of playability for good. OK, now I'll just get 40% Science and 6 Intelligence and go talk to the computer highlighted in my uber-map...

    3) Yes, you WANT a quest tracker, in a form of a journal maybe, which says "this guy told me to go southwest. I need to find item X. Hmm. Maybe I can learn something more when I get there." This has some fun in it this way.

    4) Nothing against it, though I doubt that people with worse graphic cards will like it...

    5) There were never autosaves in Fallout, and that's generally a bad idea. You should remember to save! If you don't, and will be forced to replay some area again, that'll teach you a lesson.

    6) Ditto.

    7) All right, I admit it. I have no idea what you're talking about here.

    8) Yeah. It'd be like: "Go and face the danger of the wastelands yourself, brave daredevil! And don't forget to be level 20 before you go north baby." That spoils it so hard...

    9) Breaking gun (like everything else) has always a random element in it, so it should NOT be revealed when it'll happen.

    10) Stupid convienience. Most of the time in Fallout no computer even told you "skill too low", you just "didn't succeed" and could try again, hoping you meet the requirement but just didn't pass the check. Like in real life.

    11) Agreed to some extent, a HUD with more than HP and AC and AP would be good, though the "xp per hour" thing is just stupid, this isn't hack n' slash (at least FALLOUT isn't.), and the real time clock as well - get one in your room instead. On on your wrist.

    12) (remember this one - it'll come in handy many times later on :lol:) Yet another stupid convenience. Where's the fun in that?

    13) Ditto.

    14) Yeah, I always suspected that vault dwellers were so stupid that they couldn't simply read the option and make out if it says "to hell with you" or "hi".

    15) Clairvoyant vault dwellers!

    16) The ancient rule of "talk to everyone" comes in handy instead. You can figure if they have good or evil quests for you to perform, and then you can decide. That's the fun of RPG games. And you could always change your mind, you know ;)

    17) See point 12. You want to find the best way and damage type to kill different creatures yourself - or else go play something else than Fallout. I remember I used to storm floaters with plasma...

    18) See point 12 again.

    19) A list of people is bad, but as for the locations, I agree. Something like a Fallout-fashioned GPS - but it should be like it points your way on the map and then you have to go there checking the map every once in a while. Otherwise, see point 12.

    20) Quite spoiling - you can usually guess what it does, or have it in the description. Without numbers, of course, but as for the exact values, see point 12.

    21) You already said that before, if I make out what you're saying correctly. 'Achievements' is a very general term, elaborate.

    22) The only point I'd agree with is that there should be a sympathy counter for each faction (though you didn't say that directly). And maybe, for the flavour, the list of stuff you did for/to them. Good ol' Thief: Deadly Shadows...

    23) See point 4.

    24) In FO1 and 2 you already have the green bar on the right hand side of the weapon image in active slot. I think they won't drop it. As for the general ammo counter - see point 12. The guy just can't think about everything at the same time!

    25) As if the pleasure and fun of finding such things wasn't the greatest when you go and find them yourself.

    26) Firstly, see point 12. Secondly, how will the game know which items are useless for you? You can preset it, maybe, but then see point 12. Also the vendors might not have enough cash to barter for all of them.

    27) See point 12, and generally this is for lazy dumbies.

    28) Depends on what you mean - if you mean a map that would show you where entranced to caves are, agreed (but only for the locations you've already been to, except if you buy/get that map from somewhere else). If you mean precise maps for each and every cave - OK as long as you make them yourself by being there, otherwise see point 12.

    29) Mostly for shooters fans, but why not, since Fallout 3 will be a shooter to a greater extent than I would've wished.

    30) Extraordinarily stupid. The point of RPGs, however perverted can this one be, are dialogues. You can always have a Morrowind-like journal where some good daimonion rewrites all your conversations patiently, mostly for fun when reading it later by the way, but as for "what they will tell you"... see point 15! ;)

    31) Why not, although that won't be used much because making your character is such fun. Basically a convenience again.

    32) See point 12.

    33) Ditto.

    34) Ditto ditto!

    35) I would very much like to say something poetic or sophisticated, or even creative at the end... but well, I must say "See point 12" once more.
  8. Lexx

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    Apr 24, 2005
    I agree. This stuff sounds more dumped down than the actual Fallout 3.
  9. Humpsalot

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    Aug 15, 2008
    A lot of these are typical mmo mods, not trying to get in a flame war, yall asked for ideas here are some. After playing through once and thinking about where to go and how to do it, I would like to coast through the game and get everything complete. If people know about these mods they will use them, maybe not all the people on this site, but other people who want to play the game like this.

    @Kuj2 you are talking of this game as if it was fallout, LOL. It is basically a mmo and or Oblivion. Yes a lot of my suggested mods will take the fun out of it for BIG fans of "I will find everything myself and that is what is fun to me" but a lot of people don't want to think that hard, or don't want to alt tab out of the game 1000 times to get help finding an item. Basically all my mods are useful, and will be desired, again maybe not for people like you, but these are not mod suggestions for Kuj2 they are mod suggestions for everyone, and not only people from this site.
  10. Kuj2

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    Sep 1, 2008
    I'm not the only one, mind you. There's like, hmm, a whole forum of such people here, and a whole lot more outside ;) Well, I know another whole lot of people think differently... You basically want to make a stupid Fallout 3 and even more stupid Fallout 3, which is bad for me... but you can't make everyone happy, and because we think differently, we'll never agree. That's the point of it! You can mod your Fallout 3 the way you want it, I don't really care if it turns into MMORPG or something because I'll never get around to playing it anyway. But here on this forum such ideas just can't be welcome too much.
    Oh, and I still don't suspect Fallout 3 to an MMORPG. That'd be quite out of canon.
  11. Humpsalot

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    Aug 15, 2008
    Ya, these are just suggestions, and I don't think they are necessary, but I do want a lot of these eventually. I want to play through once then play through and get as close to 100 percent completion. These mod suggestions are for the interface, and not suggestions on how to fix the game.

    We will agree to disagree, but please don't flame ideas and suggestions, I am not forcing anyone to download these if made.
  12. Kuj2

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    Sep 1, 2008
    I didn't mean to flame. For me they're stupid because I have a totally different point of view, for you my sig picture could be stupid although it has a certain metaphorical meaning to me ;)
    Sorry if I offended you, though.
  13. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
    Conceptually, it would be very interesting to see a modding team attempt a Van Buren TC. Not on the scale of a total revamp though, I'm thinking of Fallout 3 applied to the Van Buren design documents. Of course it wouldn't be entirely accurate or truthful to the material as there isn't enough in the design documents for Van Buren to make a complete game with fleshed out content. Simply the best implementation possible of the existing content and some liberal application of fitting quests and locations to fill out the game.
  14. TF

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    Jan 6, 2005
    That's pretty funny, man :), especially the references part, I hate cheap references.
  15. Myounage

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    Oct 11, 2008
    Every feature Toddler came up with. Delete, replace.
  16. Culturecide

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Fallout 3 ADULT Mod/Patch?

    Any plans in the community to reintroduce all the mature elements back into Fallout 3 through some kind of a mod?

    I'm pretty disappointed they've taken out certain things, it'd be really awesome if there was a mod to make children not invincible, include jet use, and hookers you can do, if only fade to black and back again like the originals.
  17. Ausir

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    Apr 20, 2003
    Jet is in the game (even though it shouldn't be on the East Coast).
  18. Texas Renegade

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    Aug 21, 2008
    As is the fade to black hookers, according to one previewer anyway. He hired the hooker in Megaton.
  19. UncannyGarlic

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    Feb 6, 2008
    I seem to remember reading elsewhere that the hooker just walks over to her bed and lies down (maybe paying for resting rather than RP stuff?).
  20. Seelix

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    Oct 4, 2008
    Re: Fallout 3 ADULT Mod/Patch?

    If FO3's construction set will work similar to tools made for Morrowind/Oblivion then making children killable would be rather simple task.

    I remember I had to do the opposite form some NPCs in Oblivion. I had to made them unkillable for some time because they were placed in rather stupid places in gameworld and died instantly at the beginning of game making meeting them impossible. Changing NPCs status from 'killable' to 'essential' was a matter of few clicks.