My brother's experience with Fallout 76

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    Nov 21, 2018
    Hey Everyone!

    So I messaged my big brother, who likes most of the fallout games (yes that includes Fallout 4. Although, he does agree that the game has problems...) to not buy Fallout 76 because it's a huge waste of money, and he responded me with "I refunded it after playing it for 2 hours. It's really boring."

    Update: So I asked my brother to go on with his overall experience and these are his response.

    Me: How was the gameplay?

    Bro: There weren't any NPCs and it's just boring.

    Me: That's what everyone says.

    Bro: Also the PVP was very weird. If you want to kill that person, he has to attack you as well.

    Me: Was the game optimized well? Like, were there any frame drops or game crashes?

    Bro: It was alright.

    Me: Really? well, how about the gameplay elements and systems? Does it feel like an RPG game? Compare to other fallout games?

    Bro: It's just Fallout 4 but multiplayer. I seriously consider them to change the game engine.

    Me: Finally, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much would you rate the game?

    Bro: About 4.5/10

    Me: Oh god... Anyway, thank you for participating in this.

    Bro: No problemo.

    Oh, Bethesda... D,; You guys are the worst...
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