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  1. razvan252

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Hello wastelanders!

    Out of simple boredom and possibly a desire to find anyone who could help me in any way?... im going to show my fallout related project.

    About a year ago i downloaded the van buren tech demo and thought "damn this is good. Shame it will all go to waste...". So i got the crazy idea of getting an existing engine and possibly doing something with it. Im pretty sure all hard core fallout fans tried at least once to mod the thing :)

    So after much failure i thought i had found my perfect choice for such an engine - Neoaxis. The best thing i like about it is that you can work free with it and buy it later on. Its very easy to understand and it's coded in c#. I wont say it is anywhere near perfect - but i think it can be worked with.

    So after about a year and a half of working on it during some of my free time i got something, well not close to a tech demo - but i believe it could be with a little more work. Most notable features i got working are

    - camera but partially working. I could never found out how to smoothly rotate that azimuth angle :(
    - combat system but player guns aren't implemented yet, only melee attacks
    - inventory item system (still having some problems with the actual placement of the icons in the window list)
    - Songs played by each map
    - World map - the system works but still needs work on
    - Quest system using lua and quest window included (the current engine apparently cannot add logic to the map in real time so i figured lua was the only way...)
    - Achievement system (trigger still needs to be worked on)
    - Skills (only medic skills which adds health)
    - Factions
    - Still working on dialogs - got the simple text above character to show, and character dialogues
    - Dynamic object detection - got the mouse to detect between objects, items or characters
    - Random tip while on loading screen

    Thats most i can think of right now. I have no idea where this project will be going as no fallout is fallout without SPECIAL and im not the best when it comes to all programming areas, but hell im still gonna try :P

    PS: im sorry for the placeholders, neoaxis CAN look better when its made to, here is a perfect example

    Here are a few screenshots

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    Jul 22, 2011
    Hope it all comes together and wish you the best of luck in the project....apart from wishing you luck I have no knowledge to help you...
  3. razvan252

    razvan252 First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2008
    thanks for the reply i wish to see it working too. Also, got dialogs in finally.

  4. tester123

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    Aug 16, 2011
  5. razvan252

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    Aug 22, 2008
    hey, very interesting stuff there, ill be sure to check it out!

    As it can be seen from the screenshots i have no custom content whatsoever. Everything content related there was included in the engine demo ( apart from the poor placeholder interface thing :D )

    I figured i should try and get at least a demo with most of the features working complete with a simple lua quest (so far the only quest i could come up with was kill a certain entity and mark it as complete...) and then worry about the content. I have to say, i am beginning to find too much to handle even attempting to recreate the most basic features alone :(

    Then there is also the issue of the special character creation system of which i do not have the slightest idea where to begin recoding into a new engine. I REALLY REALLY wish someone from the old black isle team would leak the van buren code (or at least flowcharts of the engine or part of the code). I really doubt bethesda would give a damn.

    Well, as i said i will try and do as much as i can during my spare time (programming only related) then if i ever will have *something* working i would probably buy a huge content pack from and implement it. Neoaxis can look very very good with the right art or poor with the wrong one.

    EDIT: sorry i forgot to add some more screenshots or examples, maybe ill attract some attention :D

    Basic lua quest (note that quests and quest statuses can be saved and loaded)
    function OnInit()
    	local target = CrateEntity("Girl");
    function target_death(prejudicial)
    and worldmap (locations are created as separate controls on the window which hold the path to the actual map file)
  6. tester123

    tester123 It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Aug 16, 2011
    Hey, how can I send you PM? I'm interesting your project and I have some questions about it.

    I think you can ask community for these models. Check this

    That will be awesome if you use Karpov character models, it has similar animations and graphics. :) I can't wait for your game. If I can help, I will do this.
  7. razvan252

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    Aug 22, 2008
    New update: Dialogs and quest system is working! Ive successfully imported the FIRST ever fallout-ish quest from Jericho "Find out who has been stealing from Anson". It is very very crude and im positive not all dialogs are linked as they should into the database, the replys are not set by character intelligence yet but its still a start! The game gives a quest to the player, marks its updates depending on events and dialogs, and ends it. In case anyone is wondering, all of the dialogs and related dialog engine commands are stored into a SQLite database.



    Next on the list:
    - improve the dialog system with replys based on character intelligence
    - further develop the quest system to integrate pip entries log
    - will have to get around that weapon system and inventory these days

    Sheeew! This really wasnt a walk in the park :S
  8. razvan252

    razvan252 First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2008
    New updates.

    - Expanded the conversation system and editor with visibility commands / engine commands / intelligence defined replies. Its now possible to make a conversational related quest with only a few lines of code!

    - New inventory system and window. The previous one was not very optimized and i had to start the code from scratch. The actual object items needs more work on but its getting there.

    Some more pictures below.

    Also, regarding SPECIAL i found the pnp version here to be very documented, so i think this could be used to program some kind of version of special into a different game.

    Since I took a slight break i have created a blog to update on rather than here.
  9. lisac2k

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    Oct 26, 2004
    The blog is way to go.

    Anyway, looks quite interesting thus far. Since I understand you're serious about implementing (simplified) SPECIAL in the right way, I can only greet such move. Soooo, how's it going with Neoaxis? You're probably new to the stuff, but I'd like to hear the impressions. Also, once you're further down the road with the development, you may consider setting up the profile on IndieDB, just to gain some more audience and support.

    Anyway, good luck, godspeed, kill-the-rat and everything else that comesalongwithit!
  10. Is... Is that low intelligence dialouge?
  11. razvan252

    razvan252 First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2008
    I find neoaxis a great platform to build a demo or indie(if you're into that). There are a lot of things you could do with the free non commercial release. You can do it quick as you program in C# and most of the features are there so you dont have to reinvent them most of the time.

    What bugs me about neoaxis is that the game is split into 3(one is optional) dlls. One is the custom UI controls, one is the engine management functions and another the game entities. This can sometimes be a problem with preventing circular dependancy(from what i can tell from the newest version it has been fixed). What also found disappointing is c#'s lack of multiple inheritance in classes and no engine documentation. The community is very active though but most of the time you find yourself experimenting to learn the engine.

    I cant really say I'm new to it as I've been working on the project for about a year now (about 4 hours a week so i haven't spent enough time on it). I am doing this purely as a hobby as of yet and haven't had any real training in game development except for what I have learned by my self.

    Thanks, i will do that! As i see it after importing a version of SPECIAL and a bit more work on the item/weapon inventory system it is very close to a working tech demo. Cant wait for the weekend to work on it some more.

    Yes sir it is! :D

    I will keep that blog up to date with every change if anyone wants to keep track.
  12. razvan252

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    Aug 22, 2008

    I am reviving this thread as i would like to restart working on this project on which i abandoned about a year ago due to unforeseen complications. The dev blog was located here and will probably continue posting as well.

    What i would like though, is not to restart working alone on it. If anyone would be interested in helping with ANY of the below areas and has modded games or worked with engines before please feel free to contact me at once.

    • Creation and/or implementation of graphic models and resources into the engine format [Required most of all]
    • Implementation of the character creation and damage probabilities
    • Implementations of the quests and quest order while getting the info from wikipedia or the released design docs [lua scripting knowledge optional]
    • Any other skill one might help with (creating music or ambiance for the game, helping with code development, helping with putting together design documents, etc)

    Please note that this is a hobby project and will hopefully one day fill my hunger for a decent fallout successor.
  13. razvan252

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    Aug 22, 2008
    Hello again!

    Some things changed, code updates were implemented but some help is still required. The next step is attempting to fully recreate the tibbets map and implement its objectives according to the design docs while making it serve as a demo.

    I did get a few pm's after the last help wanted post but it never got past the email stage. I have noticed the VB resources exported thread but I could never get any of the models to appear in blender (last time I think I was using a newer version than required...)

    If I cannot use these resources then the only other possible solution would be to purchase model packs (which would push the demo even further).

    If anyone can import those models or maps into blender (or even better, in neoaxis) then please let me know.
  14. razvan252

    razvan252 First time out of the vault

    Aug 22, 2008
    I hope nobody minds me taking to myself here, but here it goes :P

    New update and I am quite proud of how its turning out. There is still much to be implemented but I can already imagine getting the demo working.

    Some things it still needs:
    -Bug fixing since many weird things occur
    -The first mission to get out of town (partially implemented, details needed)
    -Combat fully working (so far looks good if the current bugs are fixed)
    -Load / Save (needs to be fixed since recent changes made it crash)
    -A few NPC's to chat with (easy to implement)
    -Map, player models, item models and importing them (HELPHELP!!)
    -A decent HUD (might be too much, but whatever works)

    -Armors (so far not implemented)
    -SPECIAL (the basics should do for a simple demo)

    The only problem is getting models and animations ingame. I think player or item models will be skipped but a decent map is still mandatory.