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    Depending on your stats, the shape of the character's body should change and you should have different hair and beard style depending on your charisma.I don't know what Lithtech engine can do in the isometric views but I don't want BlackIsle to make characters' graphics just like in stupid "odium(gorky 17)".I want them to make the characters look so detailed.I don't wanna see so much polygonal lookin arms,elbows,legs(you know the problem when they are not detailed with more polygons,triangles).I still don't know if the map should be pre-rendered or real time rendered (just like in syndicate wars).I am askin your opinion about this.
    I also think that there should be bows and arrows(especially with explosive heads) in the game.I think they will fit for the game.There wasn't a real storyline for fo2.I really got bored many times of being a postman for vault city(delivering the damn holodisks).I think that fo3 must be really focused on you like in Baldur's Gate.The story must be intriguing and I think that if the enemies are cyborgs in fo3,it will be so "cliché".I think that the world map should be huge.I don't have problems with big cities(line NCR or vault city) and there should be more of them(maybe u should be born in one of them this time) but there should be also real wasteland towns in the world map.Towns were not wastelandish in fo2(as wastelandish as in fallout 1).I think that there should be wastelandish towns with suspicious tribals on the entrance(there can be towers in which there are snipers or bow men beside the entrance) which will not allow u to enter the town easily.U know there was not any village like arroyo in FO2(u are born in a tribe but u can not encounter any other tribals living in a village like yours).
    There is perk in fo2,the "silent death".Firstly I thought that it could be used to kill people silently without attracting people's attention on you.But guess what,it did not work just like shown in the pic beside the perk,the entire town declared war against me.I think this perk should be really "silent death" in fo3.I think that an addition of "psychic powers" skill, in fo3 would be great.I know that u'll say "there is no place for damn mages in fallout world".I am not mentioning "mages": for example you could take an item which is far from you with telekinesis power,depending on this skill you could make hand to hand damage even when u're far from an enemy or when you're beside an enemy u could cause double or triple hand to hand damage by using your bioenergy.These kind of powers should be reasonnable in fallout world(in fo2 there are aliens).I am not mentioning spells like in ad&d games.These kind of spells would look the game non-realistic.And also,the Mater in FO1 had psychic powers,so the psychic powers should be added in the game.
    Also I think that "science" skill should be developed.For example if u have a great "science" skill and microscope in your inventory,u will be able to analyze the items(stimpacks,drugs,mutagenic serum) and will able to create these items if u have the necessary ingredients too.And Pip-Boy should be more developed(it can have an interface which talks with you like the npcs)