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    Nov 21, 2018
    Hello! First time Posting a Discussion in this website, and I wanted to share my opinions on Fallout 3.

    I think the game is okay. Not good, not awful, just okay. Here are the reasons why I think the game is okay, and I'll write down the pros and cons that this game has.

    1) Atmosphere: I hate to say this in a website that has a bitter feeling towards Bethesda, but I think they nailed the atmosphere of radiated wasteland. I really loved the green colored sky of radioactivity and gloominess under the capital wasteland and urban ruins.

    2) Ambient music & Radio music: I loved the ambient music of Fallout 3, I think the music fits very well with the lonely urban ruins to the empty wasteland. As for the radio music, I fell in love with it as soon as I turned it on. I even left the radio on for 40 hours to listen to cheesy yet catchy music from 1920s~40s!

    3) Weapons: I loved the design for most of the weapons. My favorite was the R91 Assault rifle and railway rifle for its creativity

    4) Gameplay: Not as good as Fallout NV, or Classic Fallout games, but I enjoyed some RPG elements the game had.

    5) Game art style: I loved the futuristic 20~40s style of the Fallout 3. It felt quite unique compared to other Post-apocalyptic games, and that goes same to other Fallout games as well.

    6) Sidequest: I enjoyed side quest more than the main quest because it had more interesting settings and story than the main quest. My Favorite side quest is "The Replicated Man",

    7) Lores: some of them were okay.

    8) Mods: I think modders are the people who make Fallout 3 a better experience because I really loved some of the mods the community made. My favorite mods are Classic Fallout Weapons mod (like the title says, adds a bunch of classic weapons from classic Fallout), AWOP (a mod that adds more dungeons, slight gameplay change), and Wanderer edition (a mod that changes the game almost completely).

    Cons: This is the part where I talk about things that I dislike, things that annoyed me, and things that pissed me off.

    1) Story(Minor Spoiler alert): I'm gonna say it in 3 words, IT FUCKING SUCKS. To me, the story felt like a mediocre retelling of Fallout 1 with some differences and bastardization. I never understood the part where (Spoiler), "Liam Neeson" asked you to clear the super mutants down the basement of the Jefferson Memorial. And I was thinking to my self " Come on... I know you are not capable of fighting, (despite killing a super mutant with your fists...) but what kind of deranged parent would send his kid down the basement to clear out 2m man-eating abomination of FEV? I also hated how black and white the story was, typical good vs evil (...which to be fair, enclave showed a bunch of nasty shit in Fallout 2...). there are more things that I can say why the story's bullshit, but I don't want to turn this into a limitless Essay filled with nonsenses so I'll move onto the next issue. Maybe I can post my review for the story later, but that's another time.

    2) Bugs: I don't know why, but I encountered very few bugs throughout the gameplay so nothing much to say here, except for the music stutter. It's annoying as hell because I can barely listen to ambient or radio music. I also had the same issue while playing New Vegas and Oblivion, which is even more annoying for Oblivion because I could barely listen to the amazing music of Oblivion.

    3) Characters: There are almost no characters that I liked because a lot of them are easily forgettable and felt like they were just standing there just to exist. Moira Browne and Three Dog were few of the characters that I consider as memorable and likable. I loved the insane personality of Moira and Three dog's voice. I just wish the game had more interesting and memorable characters.

    4) Character motion& model: Ahh... Bethesda magic... magic that turns humans into moving uncanny dolls. Basically what I'm trying to say is that they did god awful job at making an animation for human, potato quality face and the lack of expression of the characters to the point it makes me feels uncomfortable as fuck.

    5) Lores: There are many lores that don't make sense. For example, jet, a type of drug created by Myron after the war by using brahmin feces, can be found in a briefcase that was left intact for at least 100 years(Come to think of it, how the FUCK is drug from far west exist in the East?), Herold, who somehow moved from west to east America with no reason given, and bunch more. I just wish there are more explanation for me to understand why all of this is happening.

    6) Gameplay: As I mentioned earlier, it feels week compare to New Vegas or classic Fallout Games, very few and useless perks, unbalanced in the late game, very few weapon selections, very limited roleplay builds due to the limited weapon selection, and finally, lack of replayability in full vanilla experience due to the game's limited weapons and perks supporting that weapon class.

    7) Dungeons: One thing I didn't like in Fallout 1 was that there are very few dungeons. Problem with Fallout 3 is that there are SO MANY DUNGEONS, and most of them have a boring level design, especially with the caves.

    Despite the pros and cons, I can't deny the fact that this was one of the Fallout games that introduced me into the bizarre, yet the gorgeous world of Fallout (other one being Fallout New Vegas). I mean sure, the game has quite a lot of issues that I can't ignore, and I even consider this game as "Fallout 3: The Fallout New Vegas Early Alpha~Beta Edition". But I'm gonna give this game a little chance because despite how overly simplified Fallout 3 is, the game feels more like an almost Fallout-like RPG compared to the abomination called Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

    What are your thoughts on my opinion? If there are things that you agree, disagree or hate, tell me why you disagree with my opinion. And if you disagree or hate my opinion, that's great!! Because I love listening to opinions no matter how negative or positive they are.

    My Score: 7/10 Okay

    Fallout 3, aka Fallout 3: Fallout New Vegas Early Alpha~Beta Edition.

    P.s, I might post my opinions on Fallout 3 DLC Later.

    PP.s, My apologies if my English are bad...
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    Jul 2, 2016
    It's always nice to see others who can criticize something they enjoy. Well put.
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    Nov 21, 2018
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    Sep 17, 2016
    I mostly agree with you on a lot of this.
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    Nov 23, 2018
    That's a great review of Fallout 3. I have to highlight your comment about "Fallout New Vegas Alpha". I also get that feeling. After FNV/TTW Fallout 3 became pretty much dead. Its modding community rarely has new stuff, while Vegas is booming again with three main story mods and tons of other mods. I say this because I actually play the original Fallout 3 only for very old mods that weren't converted into NVSE.
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    Nov 21, 2018
    Thank you for reading this review...
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    Mar 23, 2015
    Yeah, the game is superb for it's times in late 00s, the city built as logically interconnected worldspaces and interiors totally worked and made Washington look believably big from the inside look.

    You might want to check out Fallout 4, a modern classic to say the least, you'll love it even more.

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    Nov 21, 2018
    I already played it a very long time ago and no, I don't like Fallout 4 and I never want to play it EVER again unless modders make it at least better than what Bethesda did. (In fact, it's one of my least favorite in the entire franchise.) While I think it's a fun shooting game, I was massively disappointed at it after playing it for the 2nd time, because it wasn't Fallout I wanted. I wanted to see the Fallout 3 or New Vegas (especially New Vegas) style of game, an RPG. Instead, I got a Shooting game with god awful story with Horribly Linear choices, dumbed down version of the mass effect dialogue system, lack of RPG elements, DLC that I never want to buy, creation club, outdated, buggy engine, and Lores that I really hate.

    P.s, What is /s? And why is it a spoiler?
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    It means it's sarcasm. It's in a spoiler so people won't realize it's sarcasm and go " Huh? :confused: :scratch: ". Then open the spoiler and go "Ah... :nod:"
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  10. JKRDU

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    Nov 21, 2018
    Oh... Okay, thanks. At least I know this guy was being sarcastic. (Honestly, I was about to type if he was being serious or Sarcastic because calling Fallout 4 as a modern classic... is just no for me.)
  11. JKRDU

    JKRDU It Wandered In From the Wastes

    Nov 21, 2018

    P.s.s, I'm really sorry for sounding like a total asshole and I would also like to apologize if I offended you 0wing... I think I stated my opinions in a harsh way...