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    You dont use chems and foods at all? For Hardcore player, there's the Loogan's Looper and there's the rest.

    You dont play repairman at all? A repairman generally is a jack of all weapons, because of heavy investment in repair, science, (maybe Explosive for Mad Bomber). Also generally a packrat. We collect EVERYTHING~!

    Pyromaniac playbetter with melee for shishkebab and cosmis knife super heated. Flamer might look good but it's really sucky in tactical combat. Pyromania MIGHT work with shotgun specialist due to dragon breath bullet but it's too limited.

    Explosive work not very good because you generally blow EVERYTHING up include corpses with loot. The mushroom cloud of mininuke or missile HE just dont pay~ Play it in the wild open will drive you mad. up close it's suicidal.

    Unarmed and melee work better with sneak because a lot of time we need to sneak up close. Not because of hidden sneak bonus but simply because you dont want to run straight long at heavy gunfire.
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    Jan 11, 2008
    On the note of going where at what level.

    Goodspring to Nipton to Novac to Freeside and Vegas Square soonest. There're a lot of low level quests and low level enemies around freeside and Vegas (NOT the v3 fiends) that going there in later level feel like a walk in the park. Like, the Wins hideout with the unique 9mm SMG, getting it early is better than at level 10+, right?

    Honest hearts' factions' signature weapons are warclub, yaoguai gauntlet, .45 auto pistol, .45 SMG. EVEN if whitelegs provide better (but out of context) weapons like Antimateriel Rifle in later level.... You can see that HH is most approriate to go in 10-14 level range.

    Dead Money's signature weapons are knife spear, cosmic knife, automatic rifle, cheap police pistol, and holorifle. EVEN IF you can go later, the loots wont get better. the recommended 20th+ level is a bit of a stretch. I suggest 14-20. After you get sufficient medium-high level in noncombat skills. Seriously, fighting is not that hard: get up close to ghost people, stick a gun on its head/limbs and break it, even with police pistol . Melee is harder: melee 50 will permit to use special attack, with knife spear clean provide mauler and you break their limbs in one hit. Unarmed is harder because bear trap fist suck~

    Old World Blues is interesting thanks to its final reward, in which you can change a trait. Since I always pick Loogan Loop at start, this mean you should complete this DLC at 29th level to change out of this trait. I suggest going 25-28.

    Lonesome Road is a big variable. On the one hand, you can visit as soon as possible to pick up some easy loot for beginning stage, like nail gun at start is very nice. On the other hand, their enemy scale well in xp and loot, gameplay and story-wise, I see no reason to go at it early. I suggest 30+
    While many people say it's possible to go at it during ANY level, it doesnt mean that you should do so~
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    I've long made changes to all my planned characters. Now I have none that focus exclusively on one combat skill. Since it is possible to max all skills, my characters will use both melee and unarmed together with either guns or energy weapons as well as some explosives.