New California Republic Territory.

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    As of the time New Vegas begins.

    1. What is a correct map of NCR? what are the territorial limits to the North, East, and South?
    2. While Klamath is a part of NCR, did Arroyo, The Den, and New Reno also?
    As of F2 endings?
    - Denizens of Vault 13, both of those who followed the Vault Dweller treks to the North, (and found Arroyo). and those who didn't, reunited. and rebuild Arroyo with GECK. The Chosen One ruled New Arroyo and the previous elder (his mom) passed away peacefully. Arroyo under his rule "would eventually rise in power, becoming a large city."
    - Canon ending slide for The Den said that Metzger slavery business prosper to the point that he created slave breeding den. with this, i'm not sure how NCR membership fits The Den well (Slavery is strictly illegal in NCR, and before Rangers become a part of NCR Army. they were pretty much like Continential European Gendarmeries (functions both as soldier and sheriffs).
    - New Reno canonical ending slide said that Wright Family got avenged. The Salvatore defeated. The Bishops get a child (actually an extramatinomy hookup by PC, not sure if he married a Modoc Farmgirl, is it still possible to hook Mrs Bishop?) yet New Reno DIDN'T join the NCR.

    The Wikia entry said nothing whether did Arroyo join or annexed by NCR (or whether did The Chosen One tie his newfound city state (and an entire Vault Dweller Dynasty) with NCR, permit an annexation, or the Arroyans did petition to join). but fans map said Arroyo is now a part of NCR.
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    That line by Emily Ortal in New Vegas about her being from Arroyo (obviously born after the Chosen One's victory over the Enclave) leads me to believe that the NCR incorporated Arroyo at some point.

    I can see them remaining independent but it makes more sense in my mind for them to have joined up with the Republic. But that's just me.
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    Arroyo is very close to Klamath (became NCR city as of 2281 few days on foot. the ending doesn't even say whether did Arroyo joined NCR but it said much of the new city was made and run by V13 late inhabitants... different architecture. big city
    it might be possible but New Reno is not yet NCR city but one of the Misfits hailed from there. so Arroyo might be an independent city state as well