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    Stygian Software has released the second last content update for Underrail before switching fully to their next project Infusion. Underrail is currently 50%-off on Steam


    • A completely new way to gain access to the Institute of Tchort
    • Reward items for joining Preservation or Investigation in the Institute of Tchort
    • New dungeons and random fragments
    • Added another way to reach the caves beneath the Mushroom Forest; also dropped some goodies inside the forest
    • Certain NPCs can now consume food and drink items outside combat


    • Tchortist Rassophore Armor resistance bonus vs bullets/shells changed to 100% (up from 75%).
    • Tchortist Rassophore Armor will now also reduce chance for wearer to be crit by psi by 3%.
    • Tchortist Rassophore Armor is no longer marked as unique (purple)
    • You can now add spikes or serrated blades to sledgehammer instead of electroshock module
    • Added a set of new luxury items to the world; some of these are unique
    • Blast Suit: agility penalty reduced from -6 to -3, dexterity penalty is completely removed, but there is now a perception penalty of -2 instead. Also, the armor's weight is reduced from 40 to 25
    • Phase Gun: reduced AP from 40 to 35 and increased energy shield dissipation from 100 to 300; it's also been moved from DC to the Lost Vault
    • Mind Cracker: lowered AP cost from 25 to 22, increased psi burn from 25 to 50 points, chance to apply psi inhibition from 25% to 30%, and replaced the resolve penalty with massive penalties to psi skills, regeneration and max points; also moved it to a mysterious new area
    • Quake: lowered AP cost from 25 to 23
    • Jawbone: Reduced minimal strength from 6 to 5 and increased damage from 25/60 to 30/70; meeting the 7 strength requirement reduces AP cost per shot by 3 (from 25 to 22) and boosts initimidation by 15
    • [Expedition] Industrial Powered Exoskeleton: activating it now gives 3 extra strength instead of 2, 40 MP instead of 25 (to offset the high armor penalty), and the agility penalty is removed. The drill attack AP is also reduced from 40 to 35
    • [Expedition] Makeshift Chrono-repeater: Skill malus no longer affects Temporal Manipulation itself
    • [Expedition] Changed the duration of Hypercerebrix to 8 turns (up from 5)
    • [Expedition] Added spear component that increases thrown damage and range


    • You can no longer see the silhouette of unobtained oddities in their window
    • You can no longer craft in turn-based mode
    • When invoking an ability that targets a tile, it will now always ignore characters and such; it used to work like that, but I broke it at some point


    • Siphoner attacks now bypasses 30% of mechanical threshold instead of being threated as a "knife" attack
    • Siphoner initial siphining hook attack deals 50% more damage, but siphonig is not performed if the target resists all mechanical damage (instead of it only being canceled if the attack misses)
    • Killing the Mushroom Forest boss will now also kill the spore turrets above it
    • Halved the number of spore stacks necessary to dream...
    • Echoing Soliloquy now gets a buff from persuasion (applied at the moment you obtain the feat and remains constant afterwards)
    • Improved the layout of the Gubbins' gang area in Upper Underrail
    • Added a new way to help the rejects (if Nevil survived), and did some general improvements and tweaks
    • Overhauled elevator access areas and increased the loot quantity and quality inside the residential office building. In addition, increased the hacking requirement to get inside the building.
    • Added new loot to the lower passages early game fragment dungeon.
    • Toned down item quality sold by Booth.
    • [Expedition] Added another shortcut to Nexus of Technology for those who have visited Crimson Meadow beforehand
    • [Expedition] Added a unique luxury item to Matriuss Ludenloff.


    • Throwing knives will no longer play sound effects when hitting pseudo-spatial projections
    • Fixed the bug that would cause the game to no longer receive keyboard inputs after clicking on some areas of Oddities window
    • Commando specialization will now always properly award extra AP and is no longer limited by the normal maximum for the turn
    • Fixed certain factions resetting from hostile to neutral after the player comes in contact with a very, very bad gas and then reloads the game
    • Fixed Gorsky receiving an endless supply of assault rifles
    • Fixed certain npcs briefly turning invisible when playing custom idle animations
    • [Expedition] Fixed a rare crash when going to the island where the game can be finished in a special way
    • Various minor dialog and zone fixes
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    And is this new update accessible to those who want to play with the old psi systems?
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    I just brought Expeditions, so awesome!

    By the time I clear some disk space and my playing list, the game should get its last update done by then. Then I will play The Perfect Underrail experience!
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