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    I couldn't find the exact thread, so here's this one. While talking about the leaked IP and a possible game set in New Orleans, people said the musical selections for radio stations going forward should expand to songs from the 60s, 70s, and even the 80s. They concluded that the 50s' aesthetic is overused and is itself a lazy crutch for the current writing and world-building. The only thing wrong with the radio stations is that they recycle the same dozen songs and add only an few new ones, but to get rid of all of them and the 50s' theme itself? It's what makes Fallout unique. To me, Fallout is both based on people trying to replicate life in the 50s' (the prosperity, at least ... before the Resource Wars) and how people from that time period imagined the future. While I do love me some of the classic hits and synthwave, 80s' music seems like too much of a stretch. My proposed solution for this idea is for developers to use the Wild Wasteland Trait as an excuse to add non lore-friendly tunes.

    But like the original thread, I've also began to wonder about 60s' and 70s' songs. Early 80s' at the latest. The Vietnam War era especially seems like a lore friendly point in history to include, but I'm not sure. What do you think? Here's some popular songs. Does anyone here think these tracks; and their genres, would fit well in an official future title, regardless of setting?

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    Some of the 60’s songs would fit
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The 'twee' 50's hang-up was, IMHO, an entirely American thing. A way of attempting to placate an ever more rebellious population with 'romanticised' versions of the ideal America.

    In my head-canon, it makes NO SENSE that music (an all cultural progression) had not progressed past the 50's. I see no reason that the 90's 00's cannot be touched upon (it would make no sense for these to have been in the OG game, as um, time-travel wasn't in the Black Isle development budget)

    Ranty Reasoning Ahead:
    I argue that micro electronics (and the following new-wave of synth styled music's) did exist in the fallout universe, at most only suffering a 20-30 year gap in lost potential. And so, at the point of the war, hypothetically there is NO reason why music from our current era should not exist (albeit, it would have come about in the year 2040 or so... but that is still well before 2077.

    The choice, as I see it, to have a hyper-stylized game, was not to enforce some hard and fast thematic detail, but to simply capture an interesting juxtaposition of the old-dead world which featured music from a time of prosperity and economic boom against the harshness of a new world birthed from that death, and one which even centuries later doesn't truly know if it will make it at all, least of all be ice-cream sundaes and soda pop adverts of smiling children.

    (all this is purely my own head-canon- and I'm sure a Fallout Dev can come along and tell me I'm wrong...)
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