"New" picture files for Miria/Davin level-ups

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by I Must Be Crazy 2, Apr 29, 2003.

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    Apr 9, 2003
    I am currently looking into creating a Miria/Davin level-up MOD in which both characters can level up 5 (maybe 6) times. I know that I will need new pids for each level of Miria and Davin. I know how the 'pid formula' of party.txt works. Here are a few things I DON'T know:

    1. There are around 520-560 different *.pro files in the critters directory, each numbered consecutively from 00000001.pro to 000005xx.pro (I forget exactly how many *.pro files). If I choose to set the pids for Miria and Davin's levelled up characters from 600-611, inclusive, will the game have problems recognizing the new pids because 00000599.pro and 00000581.pro do not exist?

    2. Where in master.dat are the picture files for critters such as the Hero, a lesser radscorpion, a lesser deathclaw, an Enclave trooper, etc.?

    3. How would I tell the game to identify a certain pid with a certain image file?

    4. I'd like to allow Davin to use really big guns like the Bozar, Miniguns, and Rocket Launcher, but only after he has levelled up at least 4 times (Davin should not be able to whip out a Minigun as soon as the player marries him). Is this possible?
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    Apr 5, 2003
    There ID of the PROs are actually their line numbers from the critter.lst, not their filename (they just match because it's handy...) You also cna't leave empty spaces (though you could make some usless PROs which fill the gap). Check the mapper keys on how to edit the PRO files properly as for them to work properly in the editor you need the contained ID to match their real critter.lst ID or the editor won't edit the real ID but the contained reference (which is hella confusing... read the thing).

    critter.dat :P

    Install the editor if you can and check critters.h. Basically for critters, take it's line number and add 16777216 (which happens to be 0x1000000 in hexadecimal).

    You'll either need to be vary patient and a bit of a hacker to actually add the appropriate graphics to the FRMs (like what Frank Horrigan seems to be doing), or you'll need to switch them to a sprite which supports all the weapons you want them to use, or you can't. Your choice :)