New Raider Faction Ideas?

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  1. JunjiItosGio

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    Oct 29, 2020
    In an apocalyptic world such as Fallout, raider gangs and similar factions are pretty much inevitable, so let's see some ideas you have for raider gangs/factions. Some that aren't simply just called "Raiders" like in FO3/4.

    The Edmonton Rebels

    On the day of the Great War, a small cell of liberation fighters from Alberta fighting against the US annexation of Canada ambushes and seizes a Vault in Northern Montana, killing the Vault Dwellers who were meant to shelter there, and sealing themselves off while the world they know burns around them. Unbeknownst to them, the Vault's purpose was to be the last old world dairy and livestock farm, and as such the Vault was only given enough food for a couple years as the Dwellers, who were farmers hand-picked to reside there, were meant to live off the cattle. None of the Rebels were capable farmers, and the cattle eventually died out due to mistreatment, sickness, or being eaten, leaving them with nothing after their food/water was spent.

    With no resources left, they turned to the outside world, desperately sacking what little settlements or scavers they come across in the early years after the war, usually raiding in the nighttime as to not give away their Vault base of operations.
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    In my Fallout PnP Texas setting I've been kicking around the idea of the Dune-Riders. Basically a warrior tribe that believe they have "Warrior Spirits" that are a sort of internal tally of the soul guaranteeing your entry and your status/rank in the afterlife. Killing worthy enemies in open combat is the most pure method of strengthening your "Warrior Spirit". They believe their leader (their "Shogun") is deserving of his position because his lineage is of the greatest warriors, and the greatest spirit lives on in each first child directly.

    They also believe a warrior spirit should be shared amongst comrades upon death, so they eat their fellow Dune Rider warriors who die in battle, believing the flesh passes on the power in fractional portions. They only eat their own kind who have fallen in battle, and occasionally particularly worthy opponents.

    They're strictly patriarchal and believe men are superior, but their views on gender are untraditional. They believe "Man" is simply the state of being a useful warrior, unrelated to your biological sex. Anyone born a woman can be a man if they're capable warriors, and similarly any biological men who don't want to be murder-machines are deemed women, and treated as inferior. The presentation of gender tends to blur a lot.

    Finally, they are unique in that they're one of the few factions in the region with access to vehicles, terrorising the entire state with their exclusive access to motorbikes and dune buggies.

    Most recently they've had their morale broken by a theological faction who burnt their Shogun at the stake, making it so that his corpse could never be eaten and his lineage dead.
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    Oct 29, 2020
    Really like this concept
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    Oct 19, 2006
    I am thinking less about ideology, but considering there are «sequels» in 1st person, i would like some enemies using vehicles, like boats, bicycles or dog powered sledges.
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  5. Iprovidelittlepianos

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    May 12, 2020
    I have a very generic and under developed idea for a faction of “raiders” that pretty much operate as the Regulators of Adytum do but on a larger scale. They would essentially be a protection racket, offering their “protection services” in exchange for a free license to take pretty much whatever they want from the town and to be able to order around the townspeople as they see fit. Living under their rule would be like living under military occupation, with all the suffering and exploitation that generally comes with that. As harsh as their rule is, some towns may see them as a lesser evil compared to your typical raider gang that will rob you blind and probably kill you. Of course, if a town refuses protection, then they might soon find themselves under attack by some suspiciously familiar looking raiders...

    Lower ranking members and recruits would probably be like your average sadistic asshole that most post apocalyptic gangs seem to be made up of, but the higher ranking members and leaders might see themselves as providing a valuable service to the weak and infirm in the most pragmatic way possible.

    Having thought more about this, the group would essentially be a cross between the Regulators and the mercenaries harassing Vault City. Not very original, I know.
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    When I tried to reimagine Gunners (mercenaries from Fallout 4) I thought it would have been more realistic to have them offering protection to Quincy, but also having other kinds of business going on in the wasteland like Caravan protection and controlling drugs distribution. Branching out is always better. It gives depth.
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    Oct 29, 2020
    That would be nice. I would've loved to see the Legion chariots in use, god that's such a cool piece of concept art from VB.