New skills based on science

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  1. Lich

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    Dec 23, 2004

    Every new skills are based on science because knowledge give new possibilities.
    Skill test could check amount of two skills science + other skill.
    This test could be used for chances to learn such skill or use in practice.
    New karma will inform that you have such skill and how it work.
    Learn it by talk with someone (similar to gecko skining) or buy, find.
    New skills mostly could work on new tool items, example: use anvil for smith.

    Cheating = sci + gambling
    Ability to use marked cards and loaded dices, better chances to win games.
    Tool = X (change cards into marked cards)
    How work = when you play game nad you have marked cards, better chances to win

    Herbology = sci + first aid
    Ability to make mixtures from plants, healing powder from root and flower
    Tool = Cauldron
    How work = open dialog menu from select which mixture want to made

    Geology = sci + outdoorsman
    Ability to examine rocks to find gold and gems
    Tool = heavy drill, geologist hammer
    How work = use drill on golden veins, or hammer on rocks (item on scenery)

    Implants = sci + doctor
    Ability to use some electronic chips which increase stats or give perks
    Tool = scenery, surgical table

    Translater = sci + conversant
    Knowledge about foreign languages, allow to talk with mutants (also brahmins)
    How work = if you have active GVAR, new/ different options in dialog menu

    Smith = sci + melee weapons (hammer)
    Ability to make metal armors and some primitive weapons
    Tool = anvil
    How work = open dialog menu, replace 10 x junk on 1 metal armor

    Engineering = sci + repair
    Ability to upgrade items, make modifications to weapons or armors
    Tool = supertoolkit
    How work = open dialog menu from you select possible upgrades

    Tai-Chi = sci + unarmed
    Something more than boxing, ability to controll chi power to get better STR END
    How work = one time bonus to strenght and endurance, even to agility
    But your unarmed knowledge must be very high to learn such skill.

    MUTECH = sci + big guns (mutants technology)
    Supermutants have own rare big guns, to use them you must learn this skill
    How work = automatic replace not working guns for usable guns

    Hacking = sci + lockpicks
    Ability to use every computers (most of them will be closed on password)
    Tool = electronic lockpicks
    How work = when use computer open more dialog options in his data menu

    Bomber = sci + traps
    Ability to make dynamite from junk and grenades
    Tool = some bag, similar to medic
    How work = replace junk and grenades to dynamite

    Stealth boy = sci + sneaking
    Ability to use stealth boy item, which make you invisible
    How work = automatic replace not working item for usable item

    Robbery = sci + steal (maybe other name)
    Ability to get usefull parts or items from scenery obiects
    Tool = crowbar
    How work = destroy computer and get electonic cards, chips (vault chip)

    Bumerang = sci + throwing
    Ability to use bumerang which hit on distance and you still have weapon in hand
    How work = new weapon which you may use, you "punch" someone on long distance

    Owner = sci + bartering
    You controll some business, caravan master, shop owner (not sure how use it)
    How work = (am not sure) give orders, check your business, send caravans

    Sniper = sci + small guns
    Ability to use guns with aim system (scope, noctovision)
    How work = use guns which shoot on very long distance
  2. Misteryo

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    Feb 15, 2007
    I like it. But I'm imagining a situation where Science becomes this all-important skill. It would cool to have lots of situations which check combinations of different pairs of skills, so that different character-types would find their skills useful in different situations.

    For example:

    ... Okay, I can't think of any good examples. You're right about science. It is kind of a catch-all skill. Behind smart and scientific would help in all sorts of situations.

    I still think it would unbalance the importance of the Science skill.

    I wish I were more creative this morning.
  3. Nology5890

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    Nov 22, 2006
    I think it'd take the Science skill from almost non-important to quite desirable. I like it. But, using combinations of other skills would be pretty cool. How are you going to get these to work? Making them into Perks, or what?
  4. Lich

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Before i tryed to make new skills from combination of diffetend skills, for example to use geology and "heavy drill" test skills of heavy guns and outdoorsman. Or "robbery" skill could require melee weapons and steal (to use crowbar) But later i found that new skills are just much more detailed or scientific possibilities and universal connection is by science + other skill.

    How it work: when you have high science then you have better chances to learn new skills (from books or someone could teach you). You will get karma, for example "smith" which allow you to use "anvil" tool, to make metal armor.

    Using anvil item will check some global variable amount and allow or not to change junk into armor. "Smith" karma only inform that you learn new skill and what it give possibilities (use anvil to make armors)

    Ofcourse you could alternate only train melee weapons to use anvil, but ability to hit by hammer not mean that you could do something usable from it. So science + melee weapons is better test.
  5. Misteryo

    Misteryo Still Mildly Glowing

    Feb 15, 2007
    The more I think this over, the more I like it. I realize, I think, that making science more important would not, in fact, unbalance the game the way I was first thinking. Instead, it would introduce one more skill that players would have to invest skill points in, thus making managing skill points more important. Also, with so many other skills needed to combine with science, it would necessitate more hard choices.

    I started thinking back over characters I have played, and I realized that I just ignored several skills, almost no matter what type of character I was using. First Aid, Outdoorsman, Throwing, Sneak, Steal, Gambling - some of them sound like they could be fun, but there isn't enough use in-game to warrant the skill points. I would love a reason to spend points on (my) lesser used skills.
  6. blackbird

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    Jun 18, 2007
    OK, here is a suggestion to make steal skill more desireable to upgrade.Is it possible to not see all items on particular critter if steal is too low. This way, the higher the steal skill, more items you can see and steal. This way I couldn't steal with 20% throughout entire game.
  7. MIB88

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    Feb 22, 2005
    This is possible with using a simple script override in a script. However, this would be painful to implement. It can't be added just to the player's script, it would have to be added to every single critter that you could possibly steal from. You would have to alter hundreds of scripts. I learned this when trying to implement a system for losing karma whenever the player stole something.
  8. Lich

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    Dec 23, 2004
    Probably most players use small guns and lockpicks, which are very usefull. With new updates you can chose different ways to play game.

    Its possible to find more items using skill. Critter dont have such items whole time: they are generated when you look into his inventory. Script will check skill amount and add different stuff.
  9. Oracle

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    May 19, 2003
    Didn't Dude_obj try to make the same in his mod?
    Maybe the mod might be usefull for you Lich

    here's the topic