New Vegas: Force greet style dialogues wont work

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  1. FranzO.oMK666

    FranzO.oMK666 First time out of the vault

    Sep 29, 2018
    Ive had encountered a bug where characters who are supposed to run up to you at times and initiate conversation, sometimes completely stopped doing that, usually after a long game session, fixed by exiting the game and relaunching.

    However, today I seem to have a permanent version of that, and mere minutes after launching the game, I encountered the first occasion of that bug. It was with a mod character, contract killer leader from more traits mod (high value target trait), he is supposed to run up to you, initiate dialogue saying the "well now, if it isn't the little saint/villain from the vault?..." back from Fallout 3 karma mercs, but he didn't. he just stood there doing nothing. When I entered "startconversation player Dreetraithvtambushdialogue" in command console he would run up to me again, but nothing else. However when I changed startconversation with sayto, he said his line, without opening dialogue menu, and it seemed fixed for the moment. I even reloaded a quick save (after encountering the bug), and exited and relaunched game, neither helped.

    Second occurrence, entering Zion valley for the first time, in the intro ambush scene, I believe follows-chalks was supposed to say the "Hoi. White legs don't leave survivors..." line automatically, after he kills the last White-leg, which he didn't. He just stood there watching and I had to run up to his rock and talk to him manually.

    Third occurrence, in the Angel cave, I believe a 'Dead horse disciple of canaan' is supposed to say something to me in their language, to which I could respond intellectually, which also didn't happen.
    I didn't enter Joshua grahams room yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if he also fails to initiate conversation automatically.

    Note that Follows-chalk successfully says all of his non-dialogue, area trigger enter comments, such as the "Freeze! Don't move a muscle..." when encountering the first Yao Guai.

    Might not seem like a game breaking bug, but there can be occasions where it comes close.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. FranzO.oMK666

    FranzO.oMK666 First time out of the vault

    Sep 29, 2018
    I just went to the strip, targeting everyone with "startconversation player greeting", they all came up to me but no one said a thing. No audio no lip movement no subtitles, nothing. Then I proceeded to target them all with same line except now the reference ID of an NCR trooper, they all went up to her and successfully said their greeting.
    Seems like startconversation player is broken for me. ill go and try it on older or different saves too.

    I found a save in which its not broken. Replaying 25 hours and from level 221 to 230 would have to do unless any of you know how to properly fix my broken saves. Ive seen "corrupted" saves before and im sure mine are not fully "corrupted", just a problem with startconversation player.
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