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    Ok, i'll admit it - i'm a bit of a masochist. I like to play my Fallout games 'Ironman'. This means, when I die - i'm dead. That's it. Restart. From the beginning. But I find the payoff is worth it. Real immersion in the game where you have to be VERY, very careful about your tactical choices and play as if when you die, you are DEAD. Also no reloading when a follower dies. You get one chance, like in RL.

    So i'm currently playing NV this way and boy is it hard. I am really struggling to get past level 10 without dying. But as if Ironman isn't hard enough on its own - the mods I have installed are:

    1) JE Sawyers mod - becuase i think it adds realism, and I love the opportunity to play the version of the game the designer REALLY wanted.
    2) 'Food doesn't heal' mod. because i think it's utterly ridiculous to drink a cola and heal wounds from it.
    3) a few other mostly cosmetic mods like Nevada Skies, weapon jam mod etc.
    4) obviously Hardcore and Very Difficult.

    So does anyone else play this way or am i just insane?!?!
    Does anyone have any survival builds to share for this play style? Or any stories?
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    I always play like that.