New Vegas random crashes.

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    Dec 31, 2008
    Hi guys,

    I am replaying New Vegas because FO4 left me unsatisfied.... I played it on PS3 in 2012 and was not the buggy game everyone was saying, at least not for me and played it a lot.

    Now I am playing on PC with all DLCs via Steam, using Win10 and a modern machine, and I get random crashes from the game.

    Also sometimes screen locks doing flashes and I have to ALT+TAB to fix it.

    And sometime it just get locked at the loading screen and the only way to return from it is restarting the PC because never gives me control of the screen, just the Start menu and I can't kill the process.

    Do you know if this has to do with Win10? Are there any mods/patches you suggest to becoming the playthrough not a pain? haha.

    Also you can recommend some mods that enbetter the playthrough without interfering with the story, you will be welcome! :D