*NEWS FLASH!* Wasted Lands MUCK:

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    Apr 3, 2003
    Going to do something one better than a Roleplaying board.

    On a server that I am setting up right now, I will be having a MUCK installed.

    Fallout-based, it will not only have combat features, but it will have many cites, large wasteland areas, and the best thing of all....

    It will be somewhat realistic. Food/water will be a must, especially in dry areas. You have skills to repair things (and once repaired, they will work until it breaks down again, needing someone else to repair it. Example- An cross-country mag-lev system.). You can learn things from books (different levels, etc. There will be instructors at certain areas, guard areas in cities. Ranger stations and of course, raider bases that will appear every now and then.

    There will be a functioning market system, and once I get the MUF program written, a barter system at specific areas (to determine fair bartering, however, you can hand objects and trade, but there are risks of scams). Note: The Barter.MUF program is still in the works, and I have a few bugs to get rid of. I might not implement it, but instead just have trading a risky business.

    It will have many areas, and a vast range of area to explore in, and do whatever. Speed-typers are kind of hampered (you can run, and run fast), but when firing off weapons it takes time between attacks/response.

    I'm not looking to make a FOOL, but it's mainly to provide a place where people can chat, explore, do stuff and find different items, etc.
    A bit of realism will be done, in that you cannot page like in other MUCKs. Long-distance speech is done only by Radios. And they will have a limited use/battery life. Food and water will be needed for crossing the wasteland areas, as well as rad suits and other stuff. Possibly might even make some chems or whatever to fit in. But first, the groundwork.

    ETA: About 6 months. First going to have the programs made, then a beta and balance test.

    Wanted right now: BUILDERs for the MUCK. Most of the areas I can do, and I have an almost expertise in handling MPI and PropDir manipulation. Someone with building experience in MUCKs or MUDs is desired, though area suggestions are welcome. Send ideas to rosh@newwww.gamestats.com. Please note, Gamestats filters out Hotmail and some other free email services. Eventually, I will be looking for wizzies and helpstaff.