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Discussion in 'General Discussion Forum' started by MatuX, Oct 28, 2000.

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    As one of those clan leaders I have to say, you are right we are not such bad people.

    I am glad to find one voice of reason here on this board. I stumbled on to this thread last night and was shocked and somewhat amused to see the spectacle that was made of JC's message.

    A lot of people here were slapping each other on the back about how they were so much more mature than those lamers at V13. Meanwhile you have more threads on the subject then V13 has.

    The attitudes presented seemed rather hypocritical to me. Especially the dismissing of everyone on Vault 13 based on the dislike of one individual.

    Well I have said my piece on this and hope that in the future "we can get along" after all we are all fallout fans. Right?

    Moonbiter, Captain of the Black Company.
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    >Might I mention the " Dumb toughts about minigun" tread in this community wich is reachung close to a hundred with some post being (NT

    There is a huge difference between a thread that happens to generate that many replies to that of one that was created to generate replies.

    "I am the bringer of death, and the cry of sorrow, I am the one who... ah hell, I broke a nail."
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    Apr 2, 2003
    Goody goody... So if we base our dislike of thread began by JC, the webmaster of Va... No, I'll shut up now. Enough of this nonsense. I still think everybody who agreed with JC is just like those kids in chatrooms who begin flaming on the right and on the left, happy to know that no one will bother to "get revenge" on them. Well, they're right. And they're entitled to their opinions to think "NMA mazt dai". And so am I. Along with everybody else. Therefore, we have nothing to argue about. Because I'll be too busy ignoring Vault 13.net


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    I think it's pathetic where a guy tries to keep flaming a site that has backed down from challenging NMA. Yes, JC has said there will be no flame war. So just lay off them. Some of them are pretty great guys, when you get to know them.
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    Okay, sorry. I maybe went a little over the top flaming them. I just got pissed because they dared to insult our dear Miroslav :-)

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    Tired... and nearly blind..

    [font size=1" color="#FF0000]LAST EDITED ON Nov-01-00 AT 07:34AM (GMT)[p]Alright! Alright... I just read all of it...

    Those are 20 minutes of my life that I am never, ever getting back. :)

    Guys. Come on. I think we all said some things that we shouldn't have and I, for one, would like to apologize if I offended anyone here. Nobody was serious at first, and somehow it turned into this.

    I think we should just give eachother due credit and move on. This has turned into a flame war. One of who gets more page hits and which community is more mature. I'm sorry if I played a role in starting it, as it was never my intention, but let's just stop. A little friendly competition never hurts, but we shouldn't elevate it to the level of putting people down - and we all kindof sunk to that level, me included.

    So once again, I'm sorry and I hope this isn't going to be a type of war in the direction that it's heading.
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    RE: Tired... and nearly blind..

    As a follow up...

    Miroslav, regardless of how this turns out and how we think of eachother, I should certainly acknowlege at least one thing. Thanks for being so tolorant.