NMA Decides the fate of the Reaver Elders!

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    Here you can Glenda using her fully functioning character tab to enter and exit as many vehicles as you want...

    Once she drives into the safe zone she is stuck in the vehicle for good and all the problems arise.

    A few tiles to block the exit is all it takes to stop the bug.

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  2. FUBAR

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    Feb 8, 2014
    Reworking a complicated system of triggers is still fun...

    It does seem more fitting that the Reavers would be AI controlled, they aren't Brotherhood, after all. It comes down to taste; on one hand we have a very quick and functioning fix, and on the other a complicated system of triggers (which Endocore does seem very willing to implement), which adds another layer of depth to the game world. We know we can have the Elders act semi-intelligently, waiting for the go ahead and choosing safe routes.

    xkon wrote, "I never wanted to let that reaver scum near the tank" and that sounds about how the Brotherhood would feel about the situation..
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    Not sure the link to this thread was obvious in my earlier post. Useful?

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Did you try ticking the "remove on exit" option on all the reaver elders entities? I heard somewhere that you can do this to remove all the corpses from the map when the map is completed. And that option works on all items you could have IN your inventory. So... Maybe that could work for the reavers, even if they are now permanently in your party... Or maybe it is the same thing as the bug. From the moment they are in a vehicule, they are out of reach?

    As for the triggers... it seems not complicated at all, because theses triggers just work for one mission map and you can achieve that with just one trigger per elder per escape route.
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    Apr 2, 2003
    "Reworking a complicated system of triggers is still fun..."

    Yes it sure is. So again I say, don't let any of my comments detract you from making any changes that you want. Needed or otherwise. I thoroughly enjoy working on my triggers/scripts and I don't want to discourage anyone from taking on a new project.

    It is also fun (for me) to have these types of discussions about various bugs/maps/triggers or whatever... that is what it is really about -- Fun
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    Mar 9, 2014
    Yeah! I really like working on triggers too. My favorite part I guess! And thanks god, the game really don't crash easily. You can assign triggers on most not existing elements without a crash. I think "move unit" on a non existing entity or leaving game or map when a counter is on are the very few things to make the game crash.
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    I was busy for a few days, but I see you guys have been busy. Good work on giving some interesting information, fellas.

    FOT doesn't deal with containment well. Entities flagged "remove on exit" will not be removed if they are inside a vehicle. This is why I had to move all those item names and descriptions from the mission speech files to the general items.txt in FOT Redux, especially after allowing vehicles into many more maps. Quest items that are supposed to disappear at the end of a mission don't if they are in a car (or in your inventory while you're in a car). As for actors, "remove on exit" only works for computer controlled player-indexes. Since the Reavers join your team in the scenario we're considering, that would never work. One should be careful about using the "remove on exit" flag. We have a very great many players who are intensely concerned about being able to loot every last post-war donuts and broken glass bottle, and if you flag an actor "remove on exit" then their corpse will be removed when the player leaves the map, which means if someone missed the loot and goes back for it they're going to be very upset.
  8. nadeauhugo

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    Mar 9, 2014
    Hehe! "Where are my ****ING donuts! I remember, I let them right there on a bloody corpse!" Good infos here about the "remove on exit" and computer controlled player-indexes, and of course you're right about obsessed players who take EVERYTHING. They must be a lot as I used to be kind of like that. Personnally I only use "remove on exit" trigger for raw meat that quickly get spoiled... I was happy to realise that it can stay fresh in the Quartermaster inventory, but it's BAD to realise that it will stay fresh in a car too... I will have to imagine some reason, like super cool cars with fridge included... :clap:
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    I am a bit late on this thread (didn't noticed it before), but i am a bit shocked by both options proposed.

    Of course, not all players ought to see it that way, but for me and i guess some other players, having the squad increased by the control of other temporary companions was one of the highlight of the game, gameplay-wise. Not only the dialogs with the reavers - in the party - were fun, but the additionnal guns were much welcomed. Also, i am fond of escort mission and i wouldn't want this removed.

    IMO, the issue of having them stick with the squad after the mission is not only encountered by like 0,001% of the players (never had this in decades), but isn't even a problem to begin with. Why would anyone complain about having an extra recruit in the pool ? Sure, there was also the mention of the lead character losing the top position, but isn't there a way to make him keep his lead position, without destroying one of the highlight of the game ? What about having two exit grid, one for the reavers and another for your characters ?

    When i read this thread, it feel like you are using an atomic bomb to destroy a city because you think that there might be a rabid dog inside, despite no prove that the dog will bite anyone.

    I know i am complaining about a free project, but i can't help seeing one great feature removed for something that is a rare non-issue.