No clue where to post it... Edited Character Sheet

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    This is for the tabletop game of Fallout, V. 2.0. It is a revised and edited character sheet, cleaner, more organized, and still has that beautiful Fallout Logo!

    The one thing that bugged me the most when I ran a few games was that I had players asking me multiple times these questions:

    Where's sequence?
    Where's Healing Rate?
    Where's Poison Resistance?
    Where's Radiation Resistance?
    Where's Gas Resistance?
    Where's Electricity Resistance?
    Where's Armor?
    Where's the AC?
    What's my MD?
    Where do I find my critical chance?
    What are my action points? I can't find it on the sheet!

    Here's the thing, they create their own character sheet... And then O__o They don't remember where they put anything!


    So I decided to make up my own sheet because I was getting tired of the itty bitty space for skills and special, on top of getting sick and tired of my players asking me questions that they should already know!

    I had my assistant DM look over this and asked him what he thought about it. I asked him the stereotypical questions on where everything was at and he was able to find everything easilly.

    This Character sheet was made for 1) A more organized look 2) DMs who want to run games past level 20 something or whatever. 3) because I was tired of looking at the sheet myself and not having enough space to write everything out.

    You can actually write things out on this thing and not feel guilty because you had to abbreviate everything!

    It has the same feel that the Fallout 2.0 character sheet does while also having it's own feel!

    I've uploaded it there so if you want to have a look at it, you might like it better than the other character sheet!
    there's more space to write out SPECIAL, there's more space to write out your skill points, I added a column for skills, The overall sheet looks more organized and things are a lot easier to find on the sheet.

    Enjoy the character sheet!!