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    Jul 12, 2007
    Well, it goes like this. I'm on my way to Nevarro to nab an FOB and some Vertibird plans. According to my mission breifing, I need to go alone to infiltrate as a recruit, so I drop my allies (Vic, the tribal guy, and the death claw...all names have escaped me for some reason) in the wasteland just off nevarro. Way I figure it, odds are I can just go back and get them.

    That was a stupid assumption.

    Now Im back in San Francisco, and have no idea what (if anything) I need to do to get my allies back. My theory is I need to go back to their initial spawns, but I'd like to confirm this before hauling my ass across the map and back.

    Also--I gave the Vertibird plans to the Shi, killed L. Ron Hubbard, and got to talk at the Emporer. It says I can copy the plans out of the Emporer, but when I do nothing happens. IS there a way to give the plans to the Shi and the Brotherhood?
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    Grab location file from previous save where NPCs were present. Insert old file in current save folder. Load game. Enter location in question. Recruit older versions of NPCs (possibly with older stats and gear). Leave. Save. Restore more recent version of grabbed file.

    Yes, give it to the Brotherhood first. You can check my guide for more details if you don't mind the spoilerage.