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    Has one of you guys ever played Nox ? I've seen it in some preview on TV, but I didn't catch what its all about. The graphix looked cool though. I'd really like to see f3 would look that way. Something I'd also like to see in f3 is that "looking cone" in that game, like, "you only see whats in your viewing area" thing.
    Don't tell me this should be on the f3 board, 'cause the main subject of this message is about Nox.
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    It's that 500 error message again. I clicked "Post" and I then I saw I wanted to change something, and my browser asked me "you're about to send blah blah...", so I clicked "no" and I changed it, and posted again. Sorry......
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    Apr 3, 2003
    Nox is like Diablo in a way, but is probably much better than number one.

    It's pretty good.
    I have it and I like it.
  4. I played Nox sometimes ago...the game is very much similar then Diablo, the only different that Nox take place not only in dungeon but also in outside dungeons. But i never menage to finished the game, couse i already get bored of it...

    You like diablo and tired to wait diablo II, then this game might fill your time for a moment.