Old World Blues: Bring what into the Big Empty

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  1. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    You can bring unlimited stuff into the Big Empty at the start, as long as you can lug it to the satellite location.

    So what are you bringing with? At level 40, I carry with me the following (Hardcore on, of course):

    Pulse Gun and a buttload of surplus SEC. you can have a selection of small energy pistols and free repair for them, so you can save repair for this baby. Normal SEC got transform into max charge then bringing along. The max charge are for the OWB pistols, and the surplus is for pulse gun.

    Survivalist Rifle and a buttload of 12.7mm rounds. 2000 at least if not more. At very hard level40, the respawn rate of Sink is not enough to replenish ammo for the horrendous combat with the monstrous enemies. And 12.7mm is rare.

    Riot Shotgun and a buttload of slugshot. Normal ammo wont cut it, so slugs are the way. Make your buckshotmagnum on the other side if you feel like it.

    Weapon Repair Kit: The Sink can repair at cutthroat price, so you have to repair yourself. Though you can gather material to make kits, it's very much advisable to bring it from the start.

    Ammo materials: At component state they are nearly weightless. So bring a lot and make some more on field benches. The Sink sell primer but no where near enough powders.

    If you want to carry sniping guns into MT, also bring your own store of ammo for it. At level40+, The Sink wont sell enough ammo for the rate you burn through it.
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    Jul 29, 2010
    Mother of overkill.. I usually bring the guns i normaly use as a gunslinger except i never have enough str for my anti material rifle so i would be using a normal sniper or something. As for ammo this is the biggest problem.. Untill you get one of the emp axes and use that on the scorpions. Even with no points in melee they still die quite fast.

    You also get a shitload of material for repair kits and the sink doesn't have enough funds if you pick stuff up so you might aswell use the repair to keep "using" the spare cash.

    And there is no need to bring energy cells since you get a shitload in there. But healing items might come in handy seeing how it was quite rare for me compared to most of the other dlc's and vanilla game.
  3. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    Define enough.

    As of VeryHard level 40+, those roboscorpions are real problem. And lobotomites. And nightwalkers. And military dogs.

    Each firefight with roboscorpion can be a pain in the ass with major expenditure of SEC with little loot in term of SEC. Bring your own along. And scavenge fission battery to make more.

    I know melee and unarmed combat will not use up ammo, but I make a strategy decision from the start to not use them if it's at all possible. Ammo is the way we must go.

    If you use expensive weapon and armor you will have to use the Sink to repair with its pricey services--> that's the money you get back from disposing loot.
  4. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    In light of Very Hard, Hardcore, and level40+, in OWB, The sonic emitter is weapon of choice. Use maxcharge SEC to get more power for APspending, then repair it for free from the Jukebox. recaliberate Tarantula into Tarantula, for example.

    They are short range weapon, actually, so you have to use a midrange weapon, like Eilijah's advanced LEAR gun. It's frightfully fragile, but the maxcharge MF cells expended to get its durability down to 70% is enough to end most major firefight. One weapon repair kit, coming up.

    Longrange sniping can be done by Christine Silenced Sniper Rifle or your scoped guns of choice, repair by WRK.

    Most enemies have very high HP, so silenced killed is hardly possible.

    EDIT: Dog meats are plentiful considering the military dogs. Dog Steak, coming right up. One battle with Legendary Bloatfly will get you 60+ meat. Combine with stuffs and you get bloatfly sliders which are pretty nice to eat. And nothing prevent you fast travel back to the Sink for a nap. Or the Autodoc healing, once you get that AI running.
  5. pyroD

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Tbh I just used the emp axe from the moment I picked it up. I kicked ass with it and I only had about medium melee skill. Plus they are plentiful in the Big MT so repairs were easy.
  6. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    Like I said, Melee and Unarmed solved a lot of logistic problem. Since I LIKE those problems, i make a strategy decision to never use those skill weapons. Other than trying for challenges, of course.

    Oh and the Sink 's shop can be bugged quite easily into not refreshing inventory. It seem, I am not sure, that the game consider starting a load at a new session is 1st day of the week, you better spend 3-4 days gametime to get it refreshing. I am not sure about it, which mean i get it refresh about 5 times during the entire course of OWB, (buying 5 copies of Revelations to change into 4 other variants).

    Which is why dont rely on it for ammo supply. Bring your own. You prolly can scavenge enough energy ammo, depend on how you play, but you certainly can not find enough gun ammo.

    Finally, a note about Sink shop. It wont delete loots you sell it, so try to sell it in stack of weapons to reduce the clutter on screen. Like instead of selling 5 copies of various durability, repair them all into a stack of 5 copies 100% then sell.
  7. wpnfire

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    Apr 4, 2013
    Dear God, are you serious? Very hard and hardcore? you must play the game on PC, because the sensitivity for NV on console is too low for me to react fast enough to not die, in Old World Blues, at very hard difficulty. Hell, NORMAL is hard enough in OWB at Level 50, all DLC, on my third run through. I only just now devised the best weapons to bring with me for all the different enemies you face on NORMAL.

    If you're talking about playing normal, non-hardcore, all DLC runthrough of OWB, I bring:

    1. a but load of weapon repair kits. The sink is only at...well the sink, and i've worn down some of my guns out in OWB lots of times. Plus, you don't run the risk of running out of caps, which you'll need to buy implants, and I also want to take as much stuff back with me as possible to sell in the wasteland when I get back from OWB. I also always play with built to destroy on as well.

    For weapons I use only 3 including the protonic inversal axe.

    2. a high DPS, fully automatic weapon. this is for the nighstalkers, which I found are very difficult to hit with a semi-auto riot shotgun, and much easier to hit with an automatic weapon. They also have no DT. Gatling Laser, or the CZ57 I found work best at taking down nightstalkers.

    3. A Light Shining in Darkness. I use this against virtually every other enemy at close range. It's cheap to use in vats, accurate, and truly devastating. The All-American also works here.

    That's the main stuff anyway.
  8. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    I dont do FPS. Idont have the twitch for that. Sneaking, VATS shots, and sometimes real-sniping-follow-by-VATs-volley.

    I love VATS. It allow enough time for me to check the battlefield condition and twitch to other targets in time. If I have to play FPS realtimeshooting, I would have ragequit at Summer's fight with gecko.

    Since my char is a Jury riggers, repair is not much of an issue. Still, I do carry five WRK at all time, and bring a lot to OWB.

    Repair is not an issue because I buy several Revelation to change to other variants, then use the Jukebox to repair them for free to 95%. 4 copies are not that heavy, and maxcharge SEC give a lot of punch. ALso, Pulse Gun as weapon for robot only, and repair it with some laser pistol I find. BUT they all are *very* short range weapon. Medium range, Survivalist Rifle and Riot Shotgun (slug) work until Christine silenced sniper rifle with its .308 ammo. OR Elijah's Lear with its two mods.

    The key to survival in Very Hard is full range of chemicals, foods, and magazines. Find the autodoc soonest so it can rid you of addiction. otherwise bear with addiction. be free with mag use, as with Voracious Reader you can produce as many as you like. I just cant resist it. Ordered use are: mag, then stat-buff, then AP and HP buff.

    Still, Robotic Experts pay off bigtime here. Go toes to toes with robots is a losing proposition in term of SEC spending. You can never get back enough. coupled with sink's crippling refreshing rate, we will run out of ammo in no time flat unless we bring a buttload of them from Mojave. Try to sneak close to disable some of them, kill others then return to finish those off with melee/unarmed weapons. I achiveved the unarmed and melee kill/damage challenges here.

    A Light Shining in Darkness is a good choice because we can find plenty of .45 empty cases in all shops, and make ammo for it.

    Nightstalker is actually a nuisance. Dont try to kill them unless they are barring our way: too much HP wasted too much ammo but the loots are not that good. In term of profit they are even worse than the dogs.

    Sonic Emitters and later on Elijah's Lear are two obvious choice weapons for this region. SECs and MFs are quite easy to find. Plus, you can make SECs from fission batteries, also easy to find loots. Coupled with Jukebox free repair for Sonic Emitters, one can see why Old World Blues is a DLC built around energy weapons.
  9. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    On armor. This is purely a matter of play style. Armor is not essential to survival if you adapt your style to its lack. With it, you have more leeway, but without it the gameplay is not crippling at all.

    There's a few foods and drugs can provide +DT. +% damage resistance. And with mag, you can get fantastic HP regen from foods and stimpacks.

    With a combination of +AP chems and rebound, you can have a devastating volley to unlease on an unsuspecting target, then withdraw into shadow to regen AP. Hit and move, sneak always to better location. AP will refresh fully before you know it.
  10. wpnfire

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    Apr 4, 2013
    I guess you're right about play style, but no armor at all?

    I guess it does come down to play style, I guess, cause again, I don't play on hardcore with high difficulty. I guess it must provide a different gameplay experience.

    I usually like taking in Ulysses' armor, and have all the perks for light armor, and max crit. rate, which basically makes my Crit. rate like 100% all the time, for nearly every weapon. Personally, I also like the playing with the mindset of "I'm going to go where I want, and if anything gets in my way, it dies." This maybe why OWB drove me crazy. Maybe I'm playing it wrong.
  11. chris86

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    Apr 5, 2013
    i agree with you it does come down to play style

    who says pink weapon is for girls? head shop is for boys!
  12. laclongquan

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    Jan 11, 2008
    Mmmm~ Now I am trying an experiment: slow level.

    I get a mod to double XP threshold to next level. This mean I will stay at each level very long time. This happen because last run I get to level50 in OWB. Plus I want to experience more the game at low level too.

    We will see how OWB goes with veryhard hardcore midlevel. I intend to erase Logan Loophole with OWB, so I will visit it at 29-30.
  13. Gutterfighter

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    Jun 24, 2013
    I had That Gun+, Hunting Revolver+, Lever-Action Shotgun+, scoped Trail Gun, about 100-200 ammo for each gun (less ap and hp). EW skill under 40. Joshua Graham's armor, 1 st Recon Beret. Chems, food, water, WRK. VH, HC. Level around 26-28. Problems only w/Nightstalker groups inside buildings and when I tested 10 SMG in combat. After running out of ammo, used Proton Axe to hack my way out of a group of scorpions and lobotomites. No ammo problems, except for 5.56 AP. Almost through OWB, only Strange Cave and Forbidden Dome left.
  14. Dr. Combat Shotgun

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    Aug 19, 2010
    I bring with me a fully modded holorifle from DM(100+ dmg per shot, no need to repair it) and scavenge for proton axes. With those two I kicked ass at lvl 30, hardcore, normal(on PC). The reason why I dont play on harder difficulties is the ridiculous amount of HP enemies get, combat with beths shit engine is tiresome and boring anyway.
  15. Hyddan92

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    Jul 4, 2013
    I brought with me the medicine stick, All-american, a Thermic lance and a shovel.

    I was dressed in an Advanced Combat Armour mark II
  16. FalloutTroll

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    Apr 7, 2013
    Seriously though, i used the unique shotgun you get from one lady ( Can't remember her name ), The all - American and a power armor. You could also bring some type of rocket launcher just in case, because i remember in one of the cave is the strongest creature in the game - Unique botfly which takes a shit load of ammo to kill
  17. Hyddan92

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    Jul 4, 2013
    You mean Dinner Bell from the bitch in the Thorne? Yeah I can't remember her name either.