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    DA2 is, like it or not, still very much a sequel to DA. Dumbed down, yes, but still very much DA. If you didn't play DA very deeply you could barely notice the differences.
    It's not some other game skinned to a DA theme like Fallout 3, who has absolutely nothing in common except a little imagery and the title with it's predecessors, if you really must call FO and FO2 the predecessors of Fallout 3, that is.
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    That's the issue I have with him, although, to be honest, I haven't held any regard for Desslock professionally since those bizarre circumstances that led him to do that early, personal, exclusive demo preview at Bethesda HQ (what was up with that?). The way he campaigned on the game's behalf after that, even to the point where he did that chippy "rebuttal" with BN. It just reeked of damage control to me. As if his was supposed to be the only perspective on the demo since Bethesda seems to have issues with consumers seeing or playing demos firsthand and coming to their own conclusions, instead of having someone else tell us how we should think/feel about it.

    I'm not saying there was some conspiracy afoot, but the illusion of impropriety was enough for me to look at Desslock with diminished credibility. I realize Bethesda holds a tight grip on releasing info, that's their M.O., but it rubbed me the wrong way how he took to defending something for the same reasons he now slags Bioware for doing.

    So yeah, to see him be up in arms about DA "streamlining" or "making the game more accessible" or whatever the euphemism is seems like he's holding Bioware and Bethesda to different standards.

    Not that DA2 is above criticism, I hear it's quite shoddy.

    @ BN - can you give any insight into that FO3 Preview rebuttal piece you did with him way back? It seemed very...defensive and nitpicky on his part IMO.

    I'd say Fallout 3 is the spiritual successor of Oblivion.
    Speaking of Desslock, some of his biggest praise for FO3 was on how it improved upon Oblivion's level scaling and other non-Fallout 1 or 2 mechanics.
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    No insights. It was just an email conversation. I think I mailed him and at some point asked if he'd mind turning it into an article, which he was fine with. I thought it was a great opportunity to get another viewpoint in for an NMA article, which is important in my opinion.

    As for defensive and nitpicky, I guess that's a matter of perspective. I thought he was cool-headed. I've seen responses on less NMA-friendly forums where they mock my remarks and feel Desslock clearly handled my ass in the debate. So. Matter of perspective.
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    I think cheaper downloadable games are the way to go for turn based games. Most of the fans of these games don't care as much as much about graphics, which can really drive the development cost way down and make them viable to sell at lower prices.

    As for Dragon Age II, playing on the higher difficultly levels, combat doesn't seem all that different from Origins, expect for the way the way enemies come in waves. Combat really wasn't very good, challenging or strategic in Origins to start with, most the changes in II seem more superficial than anything, and its still better than the nonsense that was Jade Empire. For the most part Bioware games haven't have interesting combat in a very long time.
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    No, not conspiracies, but well played PR from Beth, as always. Hard to criticize someone after they gave you some milk and cookies, shook your hand and introduced you to the wife and kids.
    It's no wonder they have perhaps the most rabid (and slimiest) fanbase in the entertainment industry.
    With these skills, they could sell mp3s to the deaf. Not sure that they didn't hehe.
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    No doubt, if only they could craft an RPG as well as they do marketing campaigns. But they're not a charity, I don't begrudge them their methods - no skin off my nose, I don't purchase or play their games, nor do they market or design games for me.

    Desslock on the other hand let himself be used like a tool, and did so with splendid aplomb. So for him to now cast stones at Bioware for the same thing he gave Beth a free pass on rings pretty hollow in my eyes.

    He lawyered up on you is what he did, homes. I know that's his bag, but it stole focus away from what is germane - the fact that once other people saw what he so generously praised, and saw it differently, he got all passive-aggressive. Haven't read anything from him since nor held any regard for his opinions.
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