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    I'm a bit stuck here - anyone around who has experience with this?

    My problem is that party members don't remember the ai package selected by the player in the combat control interface. As soon as I go back to talk, the settings are forgotten.

    Also interesting:
    When opening the "custom" disposition, the entries for "Attack who" and "Chem use" show ERROR by default.

    The critter has his ai package assigned (via mapper), and it's not overwritten in script. The game takes the settings from /data/party.txt as well (I see changes the changes I made in party.txt)...

    ... but this brings me to the next question. In ai.txt I have tables for [PARTY x AGGRESSIVE] etc... but I can't figure out how and where they are called from? I'm assuming that this might be related to my issue, but I have no idea.

    Hell, maybe ai packages for party members are somewhat hardcoded? Again... no idea.

    Any help is appreciated.

    /Edit: Here is what I found out: For some reason the ai package that is set via combat control does not align with the package num in ai.txt - that means, if I for example chose "Berserk" (ai package 96), the game will assign ai package 94 instead... and from then on the system is completely broken. If I then switch to "Aggressive", it takes ai package 89 even though it should be 95, etc. etc....
    A complete mess.

    /Edit2: Holy fuck, I finally figured it out. Whoever prepared the ai.txt file fucked up the package order. This is how it MUST BE:

    #define AI_PARTY_IAN_BERSERK       (95)
    #define AI_PARTY_IAN_AGGRESSIVE       (96)
    #define AI_PARTY_IAN_DEFENSIVE       (97)
    #define AI_PARTY_IAN_COWARD           (98)
    #define AI_PARTY_IAN_CUSTOM           (99)
    Also the wiki is wrong. If you don't put the ai packages in the above shown order, shit will be fucked.
    However, if the files are in above mentioned order, the game will automatically pick the correct ai package and everything is fine.
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    you're on fire Lexx! plz don't burn out now
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