Peoria tribal village turret question

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    Jan 9, 2018
    Is the 10s countdown when inside the underground peoria military base cumulative, if the switch is thrown multiple times, to allow access more than once, before those turrets open fire and butcher the tribal villagers?

    Because I've been leading return missions there several times, especially after having recruited Mother, the deathclaw matriarch, for her hulking strength, as well as being able to score crits to the sensors of turrets with 95% accuracy with her 'gore' attack when aimed, and even do respectable damage with a nonaimed gore, since she can do both in one turn.

    Reason being, is that those laser turrets have huge quantities of retrievable micro fusion cells, which are ammo that otherwise will probably turn out to be scarce, and to buy, judging from what they can be sold for back at base, bloody hideously expensive. So far, retrieved multiple thousands of cells, either pickpocketed from turrets or looted from whats left after mother rips them a new backside with those big horns, plus the occasional belting from her power fist (as if being smacked by a deathclaw matriarch isn't bad enough, a deathclaw matriarch with a power thats something I'd not want punching me in the eyes!)

    But haven't yet gone further into the base with big bad momma on the team (she's ideal, because of the high weight of the power cells and the fact she has no need to carry a gun, unless its to transport loot back to base, she can carry an awful lot of the valuable fusion cells)

    So what I want to know, is it safe to flip that switch, having the physically least strong team member staying there to flip the switch that unlocks the airlock-like paired door system, and a fresh 10s countdown is set each time the switch is flipped to open the far doors, or does it remember, even after the initial peoria mission is completed, for when people come back to do some looting and recover the precious fusion cell ammo? because I don't want the villagers to be exterminated and loose karma, and its not possible to damage the turrets without them raising from their circular ground emplacements, so destroying them without first rousing their attack routine can't be done.

    One other Q-if the turrets are first pickpocketed whilst they are dormant, do they still have unlimited capacity to fire their laser cannons? is it hardcoded into the turrets, or do they lose capacity to fire if one pilfers their ammo while they are dormant?