Planescape EE by Beamdog?

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Oblivion is a disaster of RPG. this is the game which removed too many parts of games from CRPG. I can't do anything without following linear script to watch story.
    I, personally, like it, it was my first RPG to beat without walk-through. and it has decent side quests. but there isn't much gaming part, except combat..

    I don't hate to read books. I just want to say game's main feature should be gone and that is the ideal form of the game.
    Personally, I enjoyed reading the dialogues and descriptions in PS: T. eating bread, seeds and even rat meats makes me fun and hungry.
    I was depressed when I enter the Kurst and see the writings like " hey, I have the first clue for finding A" ,"B has a second clue so go to him" these and I start to think PS: T is unfinished or rushed game.
    The Nameless one's story is fun, but sadly, there aren't many things I can do with this plot.

    don't hate it and actually, PS: T isn't that bad game. I criticized this game because I think it's not a good model for future games.
    The model of CRPG should have good construction: (main) quest, world, system, rule, dungeon and combats.
    even I like Torment, I can't think PS: T has a good point to learn. it surely has a good story, but good story itself can't be a game.
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    Jun 10, 2015
    I'm skeptical of Beamdog's involvement here. They did a nice job fixing many usabillity issues in the Baldur's Gate games, but the new content was lacking. And getting hit on by a bisexual Blackguard Orc really broke the 4th wall. I get it, Beamdog, we're edgy and inclusive -- can I get back to my game now, please?

    Planescape Torment was a powerful story and I don't mind saying I laughed, I cried, I reloaded the tough battles, and I read every word of it, except for a few dialogue options I inevitably missed. What can Beamdog add to that?

    On the plus side, it may get the game in front of a new generation of eye balls; I just hope they resist the urge to tinker.
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    I've read somewhere that MCA was involved for a year on this new version. Can't find the source.
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    The expurgated version.
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    Granted, Beamdog didn't vandalize PST, they specifically restricted themselves to just updating the engine and not touching content, due to obvious reasons. Still, they can live off the old games so long. Their holy grail is Baldur's Gate 3, but sadly they are not qualified to pull it off.
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    Jun 14, 2014
    Apparently Chris Avellone input and the complaints of the added stuff from Baldur's Gate EE series made them decide not to add anything much.
    They got permission to use the unfinished business mod but Chris told them that the stuff that was cut was cut for a reason so adding it back would break the cannon of the game.
    Also, they don't have the videos or the animated portraits... Doesn't sound very enhanced edition to me.
    Basically what they did was update the engine and pathing, using a bug patcher mod they got permission to use, use the widescreen patch, add steam achievements and have Chris add or edit a few item descriptions, journal entries and write the Steam achievements.

    I think I will survive with my original version to be honest.
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    Nov 30, 2013
    As someone who is playing the original version modded, yes. Watched a few youtubers play Planescape: Torment EE there is really nothing new here. Unless you want to see a nearly 20 year old game in 4k. Wooptyfuckingdoo. I did get Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 EE for nostalgia feels but it really was a waste. Few new characters and such and some other additions but I ended up ignoring most of the new content so in the end it was really a waste of my money. Better off modding them if you can get your hands on the vanilla versions. As it stands tho they have pulled them from GoG. Luckily I got it when it was $5.
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    And I thought the graphics shrunk too small @1280x960. :???:

    Does Beamdog resample the output?, or do they just extend the visible screen area?

    Wouldn't 4k make the game & characters look like a 'You are here' speck on the area map?
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