Playing Fallout 1 for the first time in YEARS

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  1. drgong

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    Aug 13, 2004
    And was wondering, what would be a good character build that would be fun, but not be too out there (I will replay it with the really dumb character, and so on later). So what would the forum recommend?
  2. BlueWolf959

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    Jul 28, 2011
    I played fallout 1 about 3 times and i have figured out what is required to have the perfect character.

    Tagging: Small Guns, Speech, and Steal were very helpful.
    During my first play-through i did not tag small guns and was unable to hit any of my opponents unless i got very close.
    Speech is the most important and steal got me to places.
    With steal i stole so much stuff from the first town i got to. This way i saved caps, since stimpacks cost 150 caps it helped.

    Traits: Fast Shot, Skilled
    Fast shot is very important since the best weapon in the game(turbo plasma rifle) requires tons of AP and with fast shot perk it is possible to take 5 shots per turn

    skills: strength Keep it under 6 Perception 7 endurance whatever charisma whatever intelligence 9 agility 9 luck 1

    When you get your skills increased by the brotherhood and with power armor you get 10 strength. Perception is required for aiming. Intelligence determines amount of skill-points and agility determines amount AP. Luck is very useless. Remember that when you get into the brotherhood bunker you could increase your skills so that is why int and agility are at 9.

    Also When you get your gun skill to 90 upgrade energy weapons skill to 100 because the turbo plasma rifle is the best weapons in the game.

    You should get info at the fallout wiki